Note: Just to give the reader a little background – I’ve purchased and smoked THC Design thrice prior to making this review.

Let’s begin with intentions. I’ve seen a lot of top-shelf buds being sold for $45 or more and wondered if they’re worth the money. As someone who smokes a lot of weed, sometimes I’m satisfied with paying $45 as a limit for an 8th. Most of the time I admit that I’d rather have half an ounce of a lower quality mid versus a top-shelf exotic. Because weed is weed and most of the time we just smoke it to get high.

On the rarest of occasions, I do give in and buy a top-shelf 8th just to try it. I know a lot of people out there are looking for non-sponsored reviews about bud. So here I am, giving the internet the pros and cons of buying the THC Design box.

Why It’s Worth It:

It’s a higher quality smoke.

Every time I drop by a dispensary or order from Eaze, I make sure to try new strains. So far, every strain has distinct types of high and possess diverse flavors. This strain ranges from fruity to earthy – a mild cascade of flavorful notes that, when inhaled, doesn’t result in coughing or hacking.

Stem-wise, there isn’t much. Each bud has a soft, spongy texture with a smattering of orange hairs – green colas and semi-sticky from the trichomes. The glass jars contain Boveda humidifiers that help maintain the buds’ freshness.

Other perks include –

  • Box
  • Beeswax coated hemp wick
  • Ashtray
  • Sticker

(Actually, getting the box depends on the dispensary. After my second time ordering from Eaze, I didn’t receive the box anymore.)

The box carries the company’s vision, who packaged it, and a batch number. However, it doesn’t give a date of packaging or a free lighter. But it’s understandable since every company has its little way of giving out perks.

Why It’s Not Worth It:

If it’s just getting high and sticking to what you know, then buying THC Design would be a waste. I think some people buy expensive buds just for the experience. If it is about your experience then this is a gateway brand to the wonderful world of higher quality bud and “designer weed”.

The strains available on their roster are the everyday-smoke kind but the price point is limiting if there’s a budget involved.

(I also have a hard time storing the boxes.)


Price range: $45 – $75 (depending on where you buy it)

Bud quality: High

Availability: Common (around California)

Flavor profiles: Smooth, fruity, and earthy

Effects: Ranges per strain but overall positive

Best smoked with a pipe or a bong to get maximum flavor and experience

Personally, it’s worth the toke. I’m a huge fan of flower and sometimes the good stuff is hard to come by.

Dominique Hannibal

D.Hannibal smokes weed everyday in the San Francisco / Bay Area. Her favorite time of the month is when she gets to stock up and try new strains from different local dispensaries. The weed she smokes can be found on her IG: @beyondthefur -- and if she really likes them, she sends her reviews here, to .