Why The Mason StashJar Lid is the Best Device to Check Cannabis Trichomes

Whether you’re getting ready to harvest your cannabis crop or you want to check the quality of trichomes – nothing is more useful than a magnifying glass. Read below to understand the importance of checking trichomes on your cannabis flowers – and how the Mason StashJar Lid can make a world of difference.

Why Trichomes are Important


Trichomes are incredibly tiny structures that coat cannabis flowers and secondary leaves. Everything that cannabis enthusiasts enjoy is found within trichomes. Trichomes contain terpenes, flavonoids, and of course, cannabinoids.

This means that trichomes contain the compounds that are responsible for the effects, potency, aroma, and flavor of your cannabis. Without these sticky glands – you wouldn’t feel or taste anything.

Since trichomes are so important to your overall cannabis experience – shouldn’t you check them constantly?

The Best Tool To Check Trichome Health 


Although you can see trichomes with the naked eye, you can’t observe their overall quality. The naked eye cannot observe if a trichome is ruptured or if it’s unripe or overly ripe. It’s these factors that will drastically reduce the quality of your weed.

Therefore, you’ll need to use a magnifying glass. However, the best tool to check trichomes is MasonBrite’s Stash Jar Lids. MasonBrite is an all-in-one product that allows users to check the health of trichomes with the help of a 3x and 5x magnifying lens.

Furthermore, MasonBrite Stash Jar Lids also comes equipped with a bright LED, which enhances your view of the trichomes. Nothing is more convenient than checking cannabis flowers that are safely stowed away in your mason jar.

Check Trichome Quality Before Purchasing Cannabis 


It’s happened to all of us – stepping into a cannabis dispensary or getting into a delivery driver’s car to purchase cannabis flowers. Even if cannabis dispensaries flowers look great, are they really all that great up close? You’ll immediately know by taking out your MasonBrite Stash Jar Lid with its incredible magnifying capabilities.

The same goes for when you’re in a situation where the lighting isn’t best, such as purchasing weed in a delivery driver’s car. By using MasonBrite’s Stash Jar Lid, you can illuminate the weed in question and check the overall trichome health.

By using MasonBrite Stash Jar Lids in either of these scenarios, you’ll be able to determine if the cannabis in front of you is worth your hard-earned money.

Always Ensure That You’re Getting The Best For Your Buck 



MasonBrite Stash Jar Lids empower you with crucial visual information that will help you make a decision. If you notice that the trichomes look too young or too old, then you won’t waste your money on under or over-developed cannabis. Furthermore, you’ll never purchase cannabis that’s void of trichomes due to rough handling.

Additionally, ample magnification will also help you steer clear of harmful mold, pests, and other impurities on your cannabis bud.

Ultimately, MasonBrite Stash Jar Lids are the ultimate tool to purchase the best cannabis flowers possible with the help of magnification and lighting.

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