Why More Women Are Entering the Cannabis Industry Than Ever

Women are entering the cannabis space at a growing rate, often vacating more conventional careers to establish themselves in the burgeoning industry that is projected to grow to $80 billion by 2030.

Danielle Meyers

According to Cannabis Training University (CTU), the nation’s largest and most comprehensive online cannabis college, the number of women enrolling in its program is rising considerably. In the past year, more than 6,900 students in the U.S. and beyond have enrolled in CTU’s Master Certification course – and approximately 40% of those students were female.

CTU alumna Danielle Meyers utilizes her training and knowledge to build cannabis brands through sales, consulting, and full-service marketing with Grow Studios in Los Angeles, California. Meyers was able to gain an in-depth understanding of cannabis thanks to CTU courses, differentiating herself from other communicators in the industry.

Julie Dooley

Karen Getchell of Superior, Colorado turned her interest in cannabis into a career by way of CTU’s comprehensive Master of Cannabis certification. Combining her background in technical/educational documentation and organization with the knowledge and training provided by CTU, Getchell has in turn established herself as an expert in the cannabis education space – and now serves as Director of Content for CTU.

Karen Getchell

Julie Dooley of Julie’s Natural Edibles in Colorado was one of the first women in cannabis to begin a successful cannabis edibles business. Julie and her team have been creating gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and pesticide-free tasty cannabis edibles since 2009. Julie is one of the many contributors at Cannabis Training University who lends her expertise on the subject of starting and managing a marijuana edibles company.

According to Marijuana Business Daily, the number of female executives in cannabis stands at 27 percent, higher than the 23 percent average number of executive positions held by women across all industries nationwide.

Jeffrey Zorn, CEO of Cannabis Training University said, “It is great to see more women in cannabis and that the industry is presenting more opportunities for both men and women to begin a cannabis career or start a cannabis business.”

There has never been a better time to start a cannabis career or cannabis business, and fortunately, the booming industry is seeing more women in cannabis every year.