Why CBD Oil is the Perfect Treatment for Acne

From wrinkles to lip balms, CBD oil is being marketed in skincare products. But is it all just a marketing hype or are there really some benefits? Let’s dig into why CBD is the perfect treatment for one common skincare problem that most people will face in their lifetimes–acne.

How does CBD oil work for Acne-prone skin?


Countless studies have proven that CBD oil, when applied to the skin, has anti-inflammatory benefits. This makes it a perfect ingredient for those with skin acne-prone. It also contributes to the calming benefits, which makes the skin look and feel better.

It’s also proved that CBD has very much potential when it comes to decreasing excess sebum production. This is allowed, presumably, due to the fact that it has a balancing effect on the oil of the skin.

Sensitive Skins and CBD

CBD oil also prides itself when it comes to having significant soothing properties. It helps minimize issues related to skin sensitivity, such as redness and reactivity, due to the fact that it has skin-calming and skin-normalizing effects. And considering that all skin types have issues from environmental stressors, CBD’s soothing mechanism helps tremendously in keeping the skin in check.

CBD Oil in Wrinkling and Anti-Aging


Considering that CBD comes from a plant, it’s not at all that weird that CBD oil has antioxidant elements. Those particular elements in CBD, topical in one way or another, help lessen the signs of aging drastically.

Since it counteracts free-radical damage it also reduces inflammation. Anti-aging creams infused with CBD diminish issues like wrinkles, ruddy skin tone etc. very visibly.

How to Pick the Best CBD Skincare Products


It’s only fair to say that there are a lot of CBD products in the market,  so you might want to know what to look for so you’ll choose the best CBD oil. Here are a few shopping tips for you:

Ensure that the ingredient clearly states cannabidiol. Other terms are not INCI-compliant, thus not pure CBD. And it helps clear the confusion between hemp and CBD oil – these two are not the same.

A lot of brands that are in the CBD skin product market list the total CBD content in milligrams, sometimes even further broken down. This is great proof that the company is legitimate. But, keep in mind that there’s really no consensus on how much CBD the skin needs. What we do know is that the skin has receptors for this ingredient. When said receptors are disconnected it may lead to signal interruption and cause the skin to act up.

Evade jars, clear bottles, or any kind of component that exposes the product’s delicate ingredients to a lot of light or air. This can lead up to it becoming less effective. We highly suggest that you pick CBD skincare in stable packaging.

You also have the opportunity to ask the brand for more evidence, third-party certification on purity and such things. Keep in mind to also ask for the amount of CBD just to make sure you’re getting what the package claims.

While shopping, you’ll often find advertisements that claim their product is “isolate”, “broad (or full) spectrum”. None of these terms are regulated, so don’t fall for that. Do your research and due diligence before buying any CBD based product.