Where to Find the Best CBD Vape Carts for Anxiety

Trust us, you’re going to want to relax this year.

If a global pandemic, a massive economic downtown, civil unrest after centuries of systemic malfeasance AND an idiot president at the helm of our nation wasn’t bad enough, we’re heading into wildfire and hurricane season, and heaven knows what we all don’t need right now is mother nature rearing her stern head and giving us all a much-needed spanking.

Thankfully, I’ve come across a few of the best CBD vape carts on the market you can easily purchase online. These are some of the best CBD vape carts to help you decrease your anxiety, curtail your depression or alleviate your chronic pain. Therefore if de-stressing from the day to day is something you’ve been coveting, you might want to read on.

Try The CBD


Try The CBD offers a wide array of disposable 300-500mg CBD Vape Cartridges formulated using high-quality CBD, TEC Temper, and natural plant-based terpene flavorings. And while there have certainly been debate over which delivery method is most effective–vaping or edibles–most CBD enthusiasts can agree that vaping, is by far the most convenient method through which you can enjoy your cannabidiol.

Try The CBD vape cartridges contain zero levels of THC, VG, PG, or MCT offering a healthier solution for those looking for a quick and effective way to administer CBD. If you, like me, have no idea what any of those acronyms mean let’s break them down: Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), and Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) like coconut oil are the actual “oils” you see in your cartridge. Try The CBD vape carts use TEC Temper, a special blend of terpenes with antioxidants and anti-irritant properties to make for a smoother vaping experience. What this means is that you receive all the benefits of CBD without the harshness on your lungs and throat that often accompany vaping.

Try The CBD CBD oil cartridges are available in the following strains (natural plant-based terpenes): Super Lemon Haze, Gelato, Green Crack, GrandDaddy Purple, G.S.C., Indica, OG Kush, Pineapple Express, Strawnana, GG #4.

They are also on the cheaper end of the price spectrum, with carts ranging from $34.99-$49.00.



JustCBD was founded on the assertion Cannabidiol is Mother Nature’s secret miracle. To be honest, I can’t find any fault in that statement. Their signature CBD Vape Carts come in a wide variety of flavors and potencies, all made regionally and all with a full spectrum of terpenes.  If you’re needing to relax after a particularly gnarly anxiety-inducing event, like say an election year, JustCBD provides nothing but the best CBD vape cartridges to satisfy every individual’s wants and needs.

JustCBD ships to all 50 states and offers both full-spectrum CBD Vape Carts and carts that contain at maximum .02% THC, which is under the legal limit set by the 2018 Farm Bill. JustCBD vape cartridges are available in the following strains: Strawberry, Blueberry, Mango, Honey, Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel, Northern Lights, Lemon, Watermelon, Grape Glacier, Vanilla Custard Cream.

JustCBD offers some of the cheapest vape carts on the list, with carts ranging from $15.99 – $22.99.

HealthWorx CBD


HealthWorX CBD is a Colorado-based company renowned for providing incredibly high-quality and affordable CBD. While they provide an assortment of CBD products, their CBD vape carts stand out due to their affordability and an instant blast of energy and relaxation they provide with every pull.

If you’re looking to mitigate severe or chronic pain, I would recommend the 500mg of Pineapple Express, a strain known for its analgesic properties. What you define as severe or chronic pain is entirely subjective. For some, it may be the discomfort of arthritis or the suffering from sciatica, for others it may be the sharp pain that accompanies thoughts of another four years of uncertainty. However you define your pain, taking CBD is one of the healthier choices you can make concerning pain relief.

HealthWorx CBD oil cartridges are available in the following strains: Super Lemon Haze, Green Crack, GrandDaddy Purple, Girl Scout Cookies, Indica, OG Kush, Pineapple Express, Strawnana.

Like other entries on this list, they are very affordable, something that can often be a bit hit or miss with cannabis products. Carts typically range from $23.62-$33.74.

Plain Jane


If you’ve ever been on the fence about trying full spectrum CBD, meaning CBD with no psychoactive effects (as I was), then I recommend Plain Jane. A fairly recent iteration in the CBD market, Plain Jane, a Southern Oregon based company,  are the original creators of the first low smell CBD cigarette, something that immediately aroused memories of bar hopping in the 90’s when I first tried one. They also offer an assortment of delicious CBD vape carts. These CBD vapes are full-spectrum and contain 750mg of CBD per cartridge. They are made using only CBD distillate and cannabis-derived terpenes with no thinning agents or additives.

Plain Jane CBD oil cartridges are available in the following strains: Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Dream, Gorilla Glue, Jack Herer, OG Kush. 

Plain Jane offers prices similar to others on this list, with carts starting at $29.99.



VapeNTerps offers CBD vape carts that are intended for the consumer seeking flexibility with their medication regiment. For the consumer who enjoys variety in their flavor profiles, for example, VapeNTerps is all that and a bag of gumdrops. Not only can you choose from over 33 strains, you can also easily carry your CBD in your pocket and vape whenever the mood arises, which might be often in the coming months.

The CBD Vape Carts from VapeNTerps offer many benefits, some readily obvious, some not.  They provide fast results, meaning you experience the effects of your vaped CBD as early as 5-10 mins after administration. The CBD Vape Carts from VapeNTerps offer some of the highest bioavailability when compared to ingesting CBD. This refers to how much and at what rate CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream. CBD vape carts from VapeNTerps are super easy to use–you just press, inhale and blow. Likewise, it’s easy to monitor how much you’re ingesting with a CBD vape cart from VapeNTerps, as they all contain a predetermined amount. After a few pulls of your CBD vape cart you’ll get a sense of what dosage works best for you, allowing you to medicate properly.

VapeNTerp Cartridges are available in the following strains: ACDC, ATF, Banana Kush, Blue Cheese, Blue Dream, Cherry Pie, Clementine, Dogwalker OG, Durban Poison, G.S.C., GDP, Gelato, GG#4, Goji OG, Green Crack, Headband, Indica Blend, Lemon Skunk, OG Kush, Orange Cookies Pineapple Express, Sativa Blend, SFV OG, Strawnana, Sunset Sherbert, Super Lemon Haze, Super Sour Diesel, Tahoe OG, Tangie, Trainwreck, WiFi OG, XJ-13, Zkittlez. 

VapeNTerps offers carts on the higher end of the price spectrum, with most averaging $49.99 with discounts of up to 30% if you purchase 4 or more.

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