What are the Best CBD Delivery Methods?

Versatility is one of the major selling points of CBD. The substance stays active and healthy in all sorts of formats. That’s why you can find CBD edibles, e-liquids, oil, and many other delivery methods. But which of them is best for you? Choosing the right CBD delivery method can be the difference between CBD solving your health problems or you failing completely in your search for relief.

We’re going to cover the basics of each CBD delivery method. The goal is to help you choose the best method to achieve your goals. 




This is one of the most common ways to take CBD. It consists of placing CBD oil under your tongue and letting it sit there for about 3 minutes before you swallow what’s left. By doing that, you allow the CBD to be absorbed by the mucous membrane under your tongue, which sends CBD straight into your bloodstream. Other products like CBD tinctures and isolates may also be used this way.

Sublingual application is a common delivery method for different pharmaceuticals, and for a good reason. It gives substances easy access without dealing with the downsides associated with other methods. This is usually the method recommended by doctors, and chosen by people taking CBD as part of ongoing medical treatment.

Once you place the CBD under your tongue, you can expect the calming effects of the substance to kick in within five minutes. The effects usually last for around three hours. You’ll also benefit from CBD’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, which will bring relief to your entire body.



Drinking CBD delivery method or eating it as part of an edible, the substance makes its way into your digestive system where it eventually is processed by the liver. That’s a slow process, and as a result, it often takes as much as an hour for the CBD to kick in. On top of that, a large amount of the CBD goes to waste when you ingest it, meaning you’ll likely need to buy stronger edibles to match the benefits you’ve been receiving from other CBD products.

However, cannabis ingestion brings relief to your entire body. And while edibles take a while to kick in, their effects last longer than with any other method. Edibles frequently last as long as six hours and may last twice that in special circumstances. If you are looking for long-term relief without the need to redose, edibles are a good solution. Edibles are also one of the most safest CBD delivery methods. 



Vaping is the fastest-acting delivery method on this list. The calming effects of vaping CBD kick in right away, as your lungs send the CBD straight into your bloodstream. However, there’s a sharp decay soon after the initial peak of CBD in your bloodstream. When vaped, CBD often lasts for about 2 hours, and the effects grow much weaker after the initial 40 minutes or so.

Vaping is perfect for people who want quick relief. It’s also ideal if you don’t want to deal with lingering CBD effects long after you are done enjoying the substance. If you’ve never tried CBD before, this Cibdol blog post will help you understand the substance.