What Are Moon Rocks & How Do You Make Them?

Cannabis is a rapidly growing industry due to its profitability, medicinal value and ever more companies looking to establish their brand. The ever-evolving tastes of the customer as an end-user is resulting in more and novel ideas and often combining many fields of research into a single product.

Today, we will talk about one of those products called Moon Rocks. Before we get into what they are though, it’s important to understand some basics, so as not to fall victim to marketing and misinformation when you search for this.

When you begin your search, you will notice many different sources referring to Moon Rock as MDMA, Ecstasy or Molly, but in reality, it is nothing even remotely similar to any of those, except perhaps in effect, but even then that is only in some preparations. Saying that Moon Rocks has MDMA in it would be like saying caviar has chocolate in it, which is categorically untrue.

Another thing is to look out for concentrates and extracts that claim to be the ‘best’, ‘strongest‘ etc since The Oxford Learner’s Dictionary defines the noun “concentrate” as “a substance that is made stronger because water or other substances have been removed.” This is true of cannabis concentrates – they’re much stronger than regular cannabis flower.

When it comes to marijuana, “concentrates” is an umbrella term that also includes all extracts. This means that while all cannabis extracts are concentrates, not all cannabis concentrates can be considered extracts.

Moon Rocks would best be described as a rich, decadent and potent desert. It is cannabis bud first, sprayed or dipped into hash oil before being rolled in kief.

Understanding The Strength of your Moon Rocks

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Just like any dish that you would consume with your mouth, not all ingredients are created equal, that’s why I wanted to come here to you and ensure that I get the best ingredients, without the highest of the quality ingredients, there’s little reason to even try to make it unless you’ve chosen them with great care.

One slight drawback to Moon Rock is that you are not going to be able to easily find out how potent it is. This is because of the way it is made, as they each will have a massive difference in all of the main parameters: texture, taste, and potency.

Imagine if you would that you had in front of you two pies. Both pies were somewhat similar-looking, let’s say they were pecan pies. One was made by a store, a large chain grocery store with low prices. The other was made by your mother. The quality between the two would be totally different, even if the same ingredients would be used, there is a level of love put into one. There’s not really a comparison. Similarly, these are the type of quality differences between batches. The level of THC, as well as other important chemicals  has to be high, but even so, there is complexity within that high amount.

Another example based on food: Moon Rocks are to Cannabis what caviar is to fish. A delicacy that should be respected and understood so that it can be fully, responsibly enjoyed. You wouldn’t buy an expensive tin of high-grade caviar from a sturgeon that took the fish years to grow, then just shovel it into your mouth like someone who had the munchies. The idea of it is an insult to how much went into producing it.

Cannabis Moon Rocks are much stronger than other forms of cannabis due to synergy. Synergy is not just a buzzword from corporate America in the 2000’s anymore, in this case, you could also say that because of how it’s prepared, good, high-quality Cannabis Moon Rocks potentiate each other. To potentiate something means to up the potency, but it’s not just that alone. The result of the two things being combined is greater than either thing on its own. Synergy is basically that, and it’s beautiful to behold.

Achieving Maximum Synergy: Two Methods

There are two options when you want to experience Cannabis Moon Rocks, one is making your own, the other is purchasing a ready-made mix. Choose carefully, the results will depend on you. An example now: Let’s say you wanted to take someone to dinner for one special night, so you reserve a restaurant. Would you go to a place that you normally go to every day? Of course not, you’d spend more on the experience, get a fancy place and do the whole nine yards. Wine, roses, expensive delicious food, all of it together is an experience.

If you buy your Cannabis Moon Rocks, it would be like having someone make your dinner plans for you and you just hope they turn out well. Not a bad option, it saves you time and if you have the money to afford hiring someone to play you, then that’s great.

How to Make Your Own Moon Rocks?

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If you decide to make your own Moon Rocks, prepare for a wonderful journey! Learn about the Cannabis you plan to use as the base. Choose a nice, potent strain. Don’t skimp on the price and potency, it will make your upcoming experience that much better. When you choose the hash oil? Find one that compliments the Cannabis strain. Smell them, see what they smell like, or if the smells mix, or clash. These are your ingredients. While you’re not exactly cooking them, they still are a dish together.

The kief you choose should be one that isn’t overly dense, but nice and dry, well broken up from the bottom of your grinder. Next, we will cover the actual preparation of the Cannabis Moonrocks themselves.

Putting It All Together

Step 1: Get all your things together. A good nugget of your Cannabis of choice, preferably something nice and dense that will hold together, strong graft, good solid stock! Don’t use a weak strain that will blow away or not hold, make it worth your time to do all this! If the ending product takes longer, it should be worth taking longer! Make it a work of art.

Step 2: Next is the concentrate. Some are thicker, in which case just apply heat until it flows easier. Use a medicine dropper and completely cover your Cannabis with it. Some Do’s and Dont’s for this process:

Do think about the concentration and effects of the concentrate you’re using. Think of them like flavors of seasoning, because that’s what you’re doing, seasoning the Cannabis.

Do be judicious with how much concentrate you use. You don’t want to drench the Cannabis, this might seem like it would be a good idea but it would make it too soaked to properly light later on, you’d be making things harder on yourself.

Don’t use too little, then you’re depriving yourself of an extra aspect of enjoyment. Learn the perfect amount of seasoning, it’s a delicate balance but you can do it, be careful with it and make it into a masterpiece.

Step 3: Take a small pair of tongs (You could use your hands, but then the natural warmth of your hands might make things get sticky and less artisanal) and gently roll the nearly prepared Moon Rock in the kief until it’s well covered. I have even heard of some, after this point, performing a “double batter” effect, letting it dry, then adding a tiny bit more concentrate and then rolling it in kief once more. Imagine the results of that, it just sounds delicious.

Step 4: Dry your Moon Rock. Don’t be hasty and try to light a Moon Rock that’s still damp. Have some restraint, wait a few hours, go do something and don’t just sit there staring at it like a child watching a pot of boiling water.

Final Step: Enjoy!

Achieving Maximum Enjoyment From Your Cannabis Moon Rocks

Remember that the resulting experience from utilizing your skill will be much more enjoyable if you make sure even now, at the last steps, to put in all your focus and creativity. Go the extra mile with it, carefully dry it out and once it’s dry? Add one more drop of Hash oil and let it dry a final time so that all of the goodness is almost sealed inside.

Plan your day out, as this won’t be a quick and dirty “high”. Make sure you have nothing at all to do, even though there’s always something that can be done. By being mature, rational, careful and above all, showing love to the plants that have given their essences so that you can have a good time, you will find that your overall experience will only ever improve. There is an infinite number of experiences to have with Cannabis Moon Rocks, go and try them today!

Take your Moon Rock and prepare to end up among the stars, maybe we’ll see each other out there!