Turtle Pie Strain Review From Turtle Pie Co. (Updated)

Editors Note: Hmm, it seems the folks from TurtlePie Co. have been engaging in some downright shady business practices to promote their company. Not only are they non-compliant (selling unregistered, untested cannabis products to unsuspecting consumers) but they utilize strong-arm tactics with the same SF Mission community they purport to serve. According to Mission Local

Turtle Pie Co. does not appear to be a legitimate cannabis distributor or “Prop 64 compliant,” as its Instagram page suggests. None of the packaging displayed on the page has state-mandated labeling, such as the “universal symbol” indicating that weed products are contained within, nor do they display weight and volume specifications. 

It does not appear to be a licensed distributor in major Bay Area counties, such as San Francisco, Alameda, San Mateo, Contra Costa, or Santa Clara, according to state records.   

Nevertheless, the Turtle Pie Co. logo emblazoned on Campos’ mural — and the ensuing purported harassment — has left Campos traumatized. “I was really afraid for my life,” she said. “I thought he was going to hurt me.”

The harassment ML speaks of is a purported assault on a Mission mural painter, Laura Campos by members of the TurtlePie company. Campos was confronted by two men affiliated with TurtlePie Co. as she attempted to remove a TurtlePie Co. logo the two men erected over her longtime mural, titled Alien Love, the previous day. What ensued was a litany of verbal abuse and threats of physical violence

Campos alleges that the man in this photo harassed her, kicked her belongings and called her a “bitch” when she tried to restore her mural.

I’m a longtime Bay Area resident and have strong feelings about those who enter the Mission neighborhood and attempt to disrupt the historic culture and identity of the Mission district, especially with criminal methods such as those employed by the pariahs at TurtlePie Co. That being said, we do plan on maintaining the following review in its original format. We have done so after careful consideration, as it was determined the review speaks more about the qualities of the Turtle Pie cannabis strain as opposed to the company bearing the same moniker. However, we have similarly determined to remove all links to the company and social media profiles.

We strongly advise you to steer clear from the TurtlePie Co. They sell untested products, have zero regard for the historic Mission district, and apparently like to beat up on artists when the mood arises. 

Peace and Love, 

Petey Wheatstraw 



I told myself I was going to quit when Prop 64 passed but milestones are imperative and why would I deny the suggestion of a grower @bigggerik whose work I’d been smoking since I decided to get serious with the whole Smoke Weed Everyday – Project 365 (inspired from the Great Discontent).

The truth was, I never knew how to rate weed until I started this project and couldn’t find the words to describe what I was tasting. So, I wanted to start with Turtle Pie – marking this as the apex of my version of strain hunting around the Bay Area.


I don’t want to say odorless but Turtle Pie ghosts on you. You catch the faintest, caramel scent of oolong tea minus the pungent after odor left on the back of your nose. It’s almost peppery in its notes, really clean, and bold.


Dry – it tastes herbal with a residue of something naturally sweet and mild. It’s almost woody like milk tea where the mildness of the bud melds with a bitter afterthought.

Smoked – the woodiness comes through but leaves a milky residue – almost like creamy milk candy. It’s not bitter and is not complemented with a dense film of resin behind the throat.

Turtle Pie’s buds are dense and sticky which gives the smoker a hard time grinding it if they have weak wrists like me. A relatively small nug can make almost two 1 1/4th sized cone joints – filter included.


Turtle Pie is a very clean smoke – white ashes, no headaches, no tunnel vision and doesn’t result in the munchies.

The high creeps up and leads the smoker to feel quite euphoric, relaxed, and calm as it peaks. One odd attribute from this strain is that it lasts for hours and it makes the user forget that they’re high.

All around Turtle Pie is a real OG since it leads the user to a happier mood with a mix of a full-body high that subtly relaxes the body and removes all forms of anxiety and depression.


Who knows? If you find some share it with us, please. 

Indica  | THC: 30 %

From: Bay Area, CA






Dominique Hannibal

D.Hannibal smokes weed everyday in the San Francisco / Bay Area. Her favorite time of the month is when she gets to stock up and try new strains from different local dispensaries. The weed she smokes can be found on her IG: @beyondthefur -- and if she really likes them, she sends her reviews here, to KushCa.com .