Top 5 Cannabis Strains in California

It is common knowledge that the state of California, and specifically Humboldt County, is the main producer of premium cannabis. This phenomenon is responsible for creating many well-known cannabis strains, including OG Kush, Gelato, and Sherbert, among others. We analyzed search interests around the web to determine which cannabis strains are the most popular in the state of California. 

Since the California industry should be monitored closely due to the many famous strains that have their roots there, strainbrowser has helped us determine which varieties are the most popular.

5. Gelato Strain

Sherbert & Thin Mint GSC are the parents of Gelato. Unsurprisingly, this Cookie Fam variety, originally from California, is among the most sought out online. Gelato bestows wonderful, soaring euphoria on consumers with a high tolerance; newcomers to cannabis may find this strain relaxing enough to let them fall asleep.

4. Blue Dream Strain

This combination currently dominates the charts in all of the major markets, including California. It would imply that Blue Dream maintains a stranglehold even in a state where OG Kush is anticipated to reign supreme and become the dominant strain. The energizing and berry-flavored hybrid Blue Dream has received raving reviews on Leafly, but do you believe its quality is commensurate with its notoriety?

3. Wedding Cake Strain

Cherry Pie and GSC are the parents of the sweet and earthy strain known as Wedding Cake, which is also known as Pink Cookies. Because of its high THC content, this strain is guaranteed to leave you feeling quite stoned. It is also a dependable source of solid bliss. Based on the powerful strains featured on this list, an immobilizing potency such as that which can be discovered in Wedding Cake is exactly what most Californians are searching for.

2. Sherbet Strain

It wouldn’t be proper at all if this list didn’t have Sherbert on it, so to complete the list, we have this sweet-smelling cross of GSC with Pink Panties. Sherbert was developed by Sherbinski, a breeder based in California. This strain is capable of producing a range of effects, from cerebral as well as thought-provoking to a laid-back, let’s-just-chill type of high; therefore, you should give it a try if you’re looking for a tasty treat from the Golden State.

1. Sour Diesel Strain

There is no question that Sour Diesel is an indispensable product that has pride of place in the majority of the world’s most important marketplaces. The strain has a flavor described as tasting like funky fuel, but the weightless cerebral high it provides is well worth it. Because it has uplifting effects, this strain can help you wake up and out of bed, making it an ideal companion for California’s warm, bright days.