The Top Two Cannabis Vaporizers on my Christmas List

Once again Christmas is around the corner and it is time to start putting together our Christmas wish lists!

In 2020 I want to quit smoking for good. As such, cannabis vaporizers are on the top of my Christmas list. Below are the two devices that have made my shortlist.

Pax 3 Vaporizer

If Jonny Ive, the fabled Chief of Design at Apple were to design a cannabis vaporizer, it would probably look like the Pax 3. The Pax 3’s body is made from a single sheet of anodized aluminium, has no protruding features (even its mouthpiece is flush to the body!) and its lights don’t blink, they breathe!

Furthermore, the device is incredibly intuitive to use and you’ll likely never have to visit the instruction manual. It is fully operational using the single button hidden underneath the mouthpiece. You just press it once to turn it on and hold it to cycle through the various temperature options.

Why should the Pax 3 be on your Christmas list? These days, it is the norm for vaporizers to have smartphone connectivity. Typically, these apps add extra functionality such as precise temperature control which enables users to further personalize their experiences. The Pax 3 has all this and more. Unique to the Pax 3’s smartphone app is the ability to choose your ‘Vaping Mode’. You have a choice between the following:

Stealth – Stealth Mode minimises the smell so it’s a great option if you need to vape cannabis in public areas
Efficiency – Efficiency mode is designed to get as much mileage out of your weed as possible.
Boost – Boost mode is perfect for maximum extraction and is designed to vaporize every last cannabinoid.
Flavour – Prioritises the taste of your herbs over vapour production. It is perfect for connoisseurs.

These modes ensure that each vaping experience is unique to the user’s preference and adds a level of customisation no other device offers.

The Mighty Vaporizer


Storz & Bickel produce some of the most loved cannabis vaporizers in the world. Their flagship device, The Mighty is still a favourite device for vape veterans and despite being over five years old still regularly tops Top 10 lists in 2019.

Whereas the Pax 3 places emphasis on intuitiveness and aesthetics, the Mighty is all about power, performance and robust build quality. The Mighty is very much the anti-Pax 3. The Mighty is as much a power tool as it is a vaporizer and has been engineered for performance.

The Mighty very much lives up to its name and boasts more power than any other device on the market. It is powered by 2×2,600mAh lithium-ion batteries which offer almost double the power of the Pax 3. These batteries enable the MIghty’s output to have more in common than a mains powered desktop vaporizer than a portable.

Why should the Pax 3 be on your Christmas list? The hot temperatures inside a cannabis vaporizer degrade the taste of your weed. This has been a problem which most vaporizer manufacturers have been unable to effectively solve.

The Mighty has tackled this problem with its cooling unit which really is a work a genius. It sits between the oven and the mouthpiece and effortlessly turns your hot vapour into cool, fluffy clouds. The result is a nice, tasty vapour where you can taste every single terpene.