The History Of Cannabis for Dummies

I’m not implying you’re a dummy, just kind of lazy. And you know what that’s okay–because so am I. Hence why I will provide these handy infographics that detail in bright, colorful animations the riveting history of cannabis cultivation, use and eventual criminalization in human history. Because I know you don’t have the time nor the patience at this moment to Google that shit. How do I know? Because I’m writing this at work. I figure you must be reading the same. 

Now, could I have simply written about this subject matter in greater detail?  I suppose I could have. But I much rather smoke this doobie I rolled earlier this morning when I get home tonight, so take it away dear reader. You don’t have to read much and I don’t have to write much. Hell, it’s been a long day, so we both win.

I’ll check back with you shortly:



Curious about how exactly cannabis became illegal?  Well here’s one reason..actually, it’s the only reason: RACISM

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