The Best Online Vape Store in 2020

The digital age has brought upon us a slew of benefits and advantages. From communication to purchasing goods; everything can be done with a click of a button, by tapping a screen – everything can be done online. Online vape shops have outnumbered brick and mortar stores, and while most consumers prefer to do business the old-fashioned way, newer breed of vaporizer users have embraced the digital life.

The problem with online vape stores is that they’re not at all accounted for, and while the FDA does its best to regulate and audit online vape shops, not all of them are compliant with the rulings of the agency. So, how does one find a reliable online vape store like VapeActive? Don’t worry because we’ve searched for the best online store where you can purchase premium vaporizers.

But before we talk about the actual store, let’s talk about why many of us are hooked on buying vaporizers online. Here are a few points on why consumers are drawn into the allure of online vaporizer shopping.


Instead of having to stand in a long line of customers, shopping for vaporizers online lets you cut through the queue and easily proceed to select, order and pay for your goods. While you may have to wait a bit longer when buying vapes online, buying vaporizers online outweighs all the time you spend nervously waiting to complete the sale.

Furthermore, instead of having to show up in a physical store, you can easily make a purchase at the comfort of your own home.


Driving down your local vape shop entails its own sets of costs. Gas, parking tickets if you get held up in a long line of customers, getting stuck on the price that a brick and mortar shop sells their products at, and so on.

Shopping for vaporizers online lets you cut down costs by just paying for the amount of the product. In some cases, online vape shops do offer free shipping once you’ve reached a certain amount purchased. Furthermore, visiting online vape shops are cheaper and is way easier than visiting different physical stores. You can easily hunt for vaporizers at lower prices while sitting at your couch instead of having to drive or walk through different stores in order to find the best deal for a vaporizer you’re eyeing for.


When walking in a vape store, you’ll just never know who’s watching. Those who are wary of pulling out a card or cash in front of people will often prefer online shopping than walking in a brick and mortar shop. You just don’t want to flash your card in front of people or show how much money you’ve got when you take the bills out of your wallet. Moreover, you don’t want people seeing you walk out of the shop carrying a big ass box for your vaporizer.

Shopping for vaporizers online allows you to safely transact and purchase your vaporizer without having to risk anything. Just proceed to check out, enter your card number and you’re good to go.

These online stores will have some kind of encryption code that protects the data and other information of consumers including financial information. This means that your financial information is safe and will not be easily compromised.

Reliable online vape stores usually send vaporizers in discreet packaging to avoid raising suspicion and to save you from the prying eyes and the judging looks of your neighbors.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to check out the best online vape shop we’ve found so far.


VapeActive is a new player in the online vaporizer market.

They’ve been in the industry only since 2017 but they’ve been a popular destination for shopping vaporizers ever since. VapeActive is a great place to start whether you’re a beginner or an advanced consumer making your fourth or fifth order online. The website is carefully planned and the overall layout of the website itself is simple and is easy to understand. The descriptions on the products are relatively easy to read and the words used are easy to digest and comprehend written by individuals who have tried and tested these products one way or another.

They sell premium vaporizers that are authentic and original. All devices are purchased directly from the manufacturer so there are basically no issues with the authenticity of the products sold on their websites. They order their products straight from the manufacturers themselves and have been selling premium units without the premium price. It’s all fair and honest business for VapeActive separating them from the sea of online vape stores that simply sell premium vaporizers at a higher cost. That’s because VapeActive is focused on a noble pursuit of giving all smokers a chance of switching to a healthier alternative. A lifestyle where they still get to reap the benefits of their favorite materials without the dangers of inhaling combusted plant matter.

VapeActive also uses SSL technology to protect all customer data making it a safe place to make your purchases. This secure medium transmits information securely which includes check out information like credit card number or any address information that may be deemed sensitive and could compromise customer security. Not even VapeActive employees are not allowed to access this information.

VapeActive offers free domestic shipping for orders above $50.00, as long as your total checkout cost is above the said requirement, shipping is virtually free.

Hassles and struggles are almost non-existent and the customer service is some of the most attentive in the business. They reply as fast as they can but they won’t get back to you during the weekends. A good thing to know is that you’re speaking to human beings and not just robots who use pre-drafted answers for all your questions. You’re speaking to real live agents that are professionally trained.

Those looking for an impeccable online shopping experience should try shopping with VapeActive. They will not disappoint.