The 7 Best Vape Cartridges on the Market

I’ve become really partial to vaping.

And no, I’m not talking about vaping huge voluminous clouds of concentrated nicotine mind you. Rather, I’ve gotten into the very lovely habit of taking sharp tokes from my vape pen of sweet, aromatic cannabis oils that often brim with a THC content as high as 97 percent.

Look,  I’m no sellout– I love my flower –and smoke as often as I can. But, as I get older (and busier) vaping my herb is simply more convenient.

I’ve been vaping so much this past year I feel confident in offering you a list of what I feel are seven of the best vape cartridges on sale in California. Most, if not all have a range of potencies so that is not why they made the list. What I hope to capture is how long these cartridges last, the amount of “vapor” they produce and lastly, just how damn delicious they are. Enjoy.


Hands down, Select is one of the most potent extract cartridges on the market. The cannabis oil in a Select cartridge often possesses a warm, slightly sweet flavor that is accompanied by a thick, cerebral high. Due to its high potency, the cartridges themselves tend to last. You can easily take a toke or two of your Select cartridge before a movie or show and be set. Unless you have a very weak vape pen, your State cartridge will produce a healthy amount of vapor after each pull. With a wide selection of Hybrids, Indica’s and Sativa’s available you will definitely find cartridges that can fit every occasion.


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Jetty Extract

Jetty Extract is quite prominent in Bay Area trade shows and local cannabis events. It’s this consistent visibility, often touted by pretty awesome brand ambassadors, that lend to its credibility as selling one of the best cannabis oil cartridges on the market.

The Jetty cartridge features a sleek, wooden tip–something your grandparents will instantly become excited over. The flavor profile of Jetty’s cannabis oils is that of an oaky, slightly earthen taste that sticks to your ribs. And Jetty’s potency is truly unparalleled; one to two small tokes can make the most mundane event a truly awe-inspiring scenario.

Jetty provides a fairly decent amount of vapor that instantly fills any space you’re in with a musky, piney aroma. You can rest assured people will know what you’re you’re smoking on when you’re smoking with Jetty.


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If a ridiculously medicated state of mind is what you’re seeking then State has you covered. Featuring three cartridges- Relax, Balance and  Active– State aims to medicate you in three distinct ways. When you’re ready to hit the hay, or rather, have the hay hit you, States Relax (Indica) cartridges are the route you want to take. I enjoy the effects of the State Relax cartridge more than their Balance and Active cartridges. While the State cartridge possesses a modest 50-60 percent TCH content, it’s often enough to provide a crisp, cerebral high and body fuzz that can aid in fixing my funky mood or putting me down to sleep. The flavor profiles of the Relax carts are instantly recognizable–mildly sweet and floral. The Balance cartridge (Hybrid), while similar in THC content, does not provide the same floral flavor and does not put me out as a Relax cartridge does.

This cartridge is perfect for when you need to go to the grocery store and actually get some shopping done, as opposed to walking around in circles for 30 minutes as you vapidly search for minute rice. The Active cartridge (Sativa), delivers the same taste as the Balance cartridge, which can best be described as a flatter, less flavorful version of the Relax cartridge.


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Maybe I’m more attracted to the name than anything else, but Spliffin is still making the list. I’ve only tried them a handful of times, and by that I mean only once, but boy did they do me in. Spliffin delivers an intense, barrel-rolling high that is only paled by its insanely delicious flavor profiles. Have you ever smoked from a cartridge that tasted like the grape Jolly Ranchers you used to suckle on as a child? No, neither had I until Spliffin.


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Bloom Farms

To be honest with my readers, I value the company of Bloom Farms a bit more than their products. This is no knock against them–Bloom Farms is one of the most community-centric cannabis companies in California, often donating a dollar from every transaction to food banks and other non-profit organizations in and around the state. But we’re not talking about social justice here (although I will definitely make that the theme of another article). We’re talking about taste profiles and vapor density, neither of which I feel Bloom Farms provides in great abundance for an advanced smoker such as myself. Therefore, I recommend Bloom Farms cartridges for those who are new to vaping or simply want a milder, less staggering high.


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Absolute Xtracts

There aren’t many cartridges that provide flavor profiles as wide-ranging as Absolute Xtracts. Additionally, every ABX cartridge is pre-loaded with 100% pure CO2 oil that has 70% active THC, making it one of the highest THC concentrations available for cartridges. If you need consistent branding when you smoke, ABX also sells a portable vaporizer that operates on a 510 thread battery and that can be used interchangeably with many other vape cartridge brands if needed. The vapor density of ABX will literally put you in a fog, so light tokes are suggested for light smokers.


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LA-based KingPen touts itself as the “World’s Most AWARDED Cannabis Vape”. After some brief digging it seems yeah, they do have a stellar reputation. 710 King Pen have won multiple awards, including winning the vape products category at the High Times Cannabis Cup in both LA and Denver. As such, they do not disappoint and are slowing becoming a personal favorite. These vastly superior, lab-tested carts are available in 0.5g and 1g cartridges and feature a potency unrivaled by many on this list. The KingPen, while highly potent, will not give an abundance of vapor smoke. This can sometimes make it feel as if you are pulling on your pen and not getting much. And while this may be frustrating to an advanced smoker, it may be potentially lethal to a novice one, as too many tokes on your KinPen can lead to a pretty heady high.


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