The 5 Best Dispensaries to Buy Weed in San Francisco

Until marijuana is legalized for recreational use on January 1st, 2018 you’re stuck buying your weed on the street, online or from the many medical marijuana dispensaries located out here in the city. And with so many pot shops around it’s sometimes hard to discern which ones are worth your time and money. Therefore it must be explicitly stated that not all pot shops in San Francisco are alike– and I would be lying to you if I didn’t mention this fact. So while I will continue to provide reviews of specific dispensaries in the Bay area, I wanted to present you with what I feel are five of some of the best places to purchase cannabis in San Francisco. I’ve frequented all the dispensaries on this list so what you’ll be reading is my honest, unfiltered opinion, as there are definitely pro’s and con’s to each.

By the way, if you still don’t have a cannabis card and have no intention on getting one, no fret, you can still purchase pot. Click this link here for ways to do just that.


I love Purple Star for a few reasons, some of them trivial some of them not. However, by far my favorite aspect of the store is the pricing. For a little over $100 you can easily walk out with a quarter of primo bud and 2 grams of highly potent concentrates, due to their BOGO (Buy One Get One) specials.

Photo of Purple Star, MD - San Francisco, CA, United States

 Don’t have that kind of money to spend? No fret. Purple Star has something I’ve only seen at a few other dispensaries, and that is the coveted $20 1/8th. These are not swaggy, oreganoesque vials of bullshit, no– you will decent grade weed, over an 1/8th, for 20 bucks. You can also purchase half grams of wax from anywhere between 12 to 15 dollars, thereby making you rich in spirit and weed. The only downside I’ve experienced is that in order to deliver to my neighborhood I need to make a minimum purchase of $100, and they only accept cash. Bummer. 


Although I’ve only been to The Green Cross once I was immediately blown away by how friendly and personable the staff is. This is a big deal, as a stoned staff with resting bitch face can DEFINITELY ruin your experience, especially if it is your initial one.

 Photo of The Green Cross - San Francisco, CA, United States

With a sleek, narrow interior akin to a 420 Nightclub, The Green Cross posits itself as a cannabis club for discerning consumers. Similar to Purple Star, they offer exceptional prices for those with deep pockets AND pockets filled with empty dreams and rusted pennies. Besides their reasonable prices, if you don a Green Cross shirt or other apparel when ordering, you will receive $2 off your order.  One downside to Green Cross is that their prices often fluctuate, leaving you wondering if you were so stoned you just imagined that great deal you got the last time you visited. 


I would frequent Green Door a lot more often as I normally do, as it’s conveniently located a mere six blocks from where I’m employed. Alas, I work in the Social Services industry and it is not uncommon for me to run into clients when frequenting pot shops in the same neighborhood as they reside. Such was the case the last time I was at Green Door, when I literally walked in, spun around and walked back out before I was noticed by a client on the verge of being evicted from their apartment buying a shit ton of edibles. But hey, if you’re going to go out you might as well go out feeling good, right?  

Photo of Green Door - San Francisco, CA, United States. The Lounge 847 is the Best Place to watch the Game!

Anyways, what I love about Green Door is primarily their selection. Yes, they have an upstairs area where you can vape your problems away but I’ve never been up there so that’s not even a factor in this declaration. They often have concentrates, edibles and flower strains you simply can’t find elsewhere. And with a constantly rotating menu, it’s very possible to find those hard to reach strains you’re always complaining about. 

One downside to Green Door I’ve often encountered is the wait time. They do their best mind you, but in the back area (where the concentrates are sold), you may find yourself rolling your eyes to the heavens as an indecisive stoner asks a bajillion questions to the guy behind the counter. But just be patient. You’ll eventually get yours. 


Now if you want your weed shop to look, well, not like a weed shop then Barbary Coast should be your go-to spot. Looking like the palatial interior lobby of Stephen Kings The Shining, fortunately for you the only ghosts you will be seeing are the dead ones plastered on your money.

Photo of Barbary Coast - San Francisco, CA, United States

The Coast boasts a staff that is warm and knowledgeable and who won’t rush you to make a purchase (something that is true for all dispensaries on this list). When you are ready to choose your order, there is a barstool for you to sit upon and your very own budtender at your disposal. With a wide selection of edibles, concentrates and fresh flowers, you’ll also find they are often a lot less congested than other dispensaries in the same neighborhood.


Sooo I’m just going to start off and say Bloom Room has cannabis infused Cheetos. Well due to copyright laws they’re called Weetos, but you get the idea. You can get high off your munchies. Next, I’m going to state that Bloom Room has super helpful staff, amazing selection, prices and smells good. Is that a positive? It sure in the hell is. Another collective I enjoy (BASA collective) didn’t make the cut because they smell like cat piss. And not the weed strain either. 

Photo of Bloom Room - San Francisco, CA, United States. Vapor Lounge

Another plus…Bloom Room has their very own vape room and dab bar. I say they have their very own DAB BAR. Yes, you too can go to Bloom Room and shoot the shit with the person next to you over a cup of hot concentrates. If that doesn’t sell you then perhaps you are a glutton for punishment. In that case you need to check out my next article that lists five of the WORST dispensaries here in San Francisco. Stay posted my friends. 

Petey Wheatstraw

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