The 4 Best Pre-Rolls in California

If you love smoking joints, check out some of California’s best pre-roll brands. Everything from the flower to the pre-roll packaging; these cannabis brands have it nailed down perfectly. You may need to travel the state to find all these brands, but what else would you rather do than road trip it for the best pre-rolls in California?

Palms Premium

Palms Premium isn’t called “premium” for no reason – these pre-rolls are made with only the best buds, as they promise no trim or shake is used. Palms Premium gives off a chill island vibe, so it’s perfect one of their pre-roll lines is called “chill.” Essentially, Palms sells two main types of pre-rolls – ones they call Social and ones called Chill. ‘Social’ is a sativa blend and ‘Chill’ sounds like more of an indica. Palms Premium uses a special type of pre-rolled cone with a custom length and spiral tip, so no material gets into your mouth!


If you know Canndescent, you know they are top-shelf. Their packaging is a simple orange box that exudes the perfect balance between luxury and minimalism. Like Palms Premium, Canndescent doesn’t call out the strain, but rather names their pre-rolls after certain feelings. One of the coolest things from Canndescent is their pre-roll flight, which gives you a great excuse to try all their different strains. My personal favorite is the ‘Calm,’ which is a super relaxing indica.



Nativ has the premium pre-roll tube nailed down. They use an aluminum brushed tube, which creates an ultra-premium, clean look. It feels futuristic and definitely keeps your pre-roll fresh! Despite not being able to see joint inside, the upscale packaging indicates this is a quality smoke. They offer a black, grey, and white label pre-roll. The black and grey labels have premium flower + hash and the white label is full flower. No matter which one you choose, they all smoke incredibly well.



Unlike most pre-rolls, Heshies sells their joints in cigarette looking tubes. One big difference is the filter – instead of a cigarette filter, Heshies somehow managed to get cigarette tubes with your typical joint style crutch. These are great if you are trying to lay low, but don’t be fooled – these still pack some loud! If you get a chance, try Heshies’ Commander in Keif – which is their classic pre-roll coated in keif.

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