The 6 Best Dispensaries to Buy Legal Weed in San Francisco

Okay, I admit. I’m not too thrilled about this whole legal weed thing. Not only have the prices of my favorite products increased, delivery times widened and in some cases, potency decreased–some of my favorite pot shops have gone to the recreational side and are now offering weed to ALL adults 21 and over.


But I’m no hater. Welcome to San Francisco, prodigal stoner. Below you will find six of our newly minted recreational weed shops for you to enjoy. Please wipe your feet of the shit and urine you will be sure to step in during your visit and don’t forget to thank us. You’re welcome!

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Sparc is one of those dispensaries that even when I had a pot card I did not go too. Why? Well, I’m old school. I still like the dilapidated feel of a dispensary and SPARC is just so damn pretty. I digress. All you out-of-towners can now purchase legal weed there and not have to worry about buying it off the street. Unless of course, you want to pay less.

Sparc is located at 473 Haight Street and is open from 10 am to 10 pm every day!


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Whoa, hold your ponies there. Purple Star hasn’t acquired it’s legal weed license yet. However, by the time you actually read this, there is a very viable chance you can bop your way in there one afternoon and buy a sack of recreational reefer. I would recommend doing so, for other, more auspicious reasons, as Purple Star remains one of my favorite pot dispensaries in San Francisco. Be sure to check out their BOGO (Buy One Get One) deals as they are a cost saver.

Purple Star is located at 2520 Mission St and is open from 9:30 am to 10 pm


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Although Shambala is not my favorite dispensary in the city, I do plan on frequenting them again as I have heard they have gone through a major renovation project. This is not your concern, obviously, as you just care if they sell legal weed, right? Well, they do, and the great thing is they’re right across the street from Purple Star and within walking distance of a whole host of tasty restaurants on Mission street.

Shambala MMC is located at 2441 Mission Street and is open from 10 am to 10 pm Monday through Saturday 



Apothecarium’s story is one of survival. It has been in the center of a move by residents of the Sunset to shutter its doors, only to be routed to a new generation and culture of pot smokers by the former mayor of San Francisco, Jean Quan. The fact that this dispensary, which barely was able to sell medical marijuana can now sell recreational weed, is monumental. They also have an insanely comprehensive collection of pot products.

Apothecarium is located at 2029 Market Street and is open from 9 am to 9 pm 

Mission Cannabis Club


Yet another reason to venture from your lofty tech heights to the wide-open plains of San Francisco’s historic Mission District (besides the fact that three of the entries on this list are located there), Mission Cannabis Club has elevated recreational smoking to that level we always dreamed it would be at. Where you can saunter into a pot shop, be greeted by friendly personable staff, whip out your debit card and purchase some flame dank that you can smoke right there, in a plush lounge space. Okay, so maybe I’ve just dreamed of this. I have problems.

Mission Cannabis Club is located at 2441 Mission St and is open from 9am to 10pm

Moe Greens


Remember when you were a wee pot-smoking lad or lass and would romanticize places like Amsterdam with their weed cafes and tolerant attitudes towards weed? Didn’t you feel you would never, ever see something replicated like that here in the States? Well, you were wrong. Hell, we all were. Pot has gone upscale and we Gen X’ers haven’t even realized it yet. Don’t believe me? Check out Moe Greens, a place where you can literally flash a valid ID verifying you’re over 21 and buy oodles of delicious green, which you can smoke on site. No more hiding in your basement, no more blowing into paper towel rolls with fabric softner stuffed inside. You can smoke free. Easily. Just like how nature intended.

Moe Greens is located at 1276 Market St, San Francisco and is open from 9am to 9:45am

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