10 Marijuana Events You Need To Attend in 2016

I began KushCA primarily as a way to speak to the Bay Area’s  burgeoning pot culture, but sometimes I get ahead of myself and just want to talk about weed wherever the hell it’s being consumed.

So while there might be some West Coast specific events on this list, KushCA is creating this countdown for everyone. Check out 10 marijuana events around the country that will be sure to have you grinning like a medicated Chesire cat:

1. High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup



High Times is returning to California (like the prodigal potheads they are) to host the 2016 High Times SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup. I personally have never been to a High Times event, but I feel I need a visit to one to be my rite of passage into adulthood. I barely shave and I still don’t have a drivers license, so I need something to give me that green light that says “You’re a man now, you’ve made it Petey”.

Of course, to smoke at the actual event I, as well as you will need the proper documentation (i.e cannabis card or doctor’s recommendation). However, if you just want to attend you do not require anything except a way to make your way around the place.

The event will be held over two weekends this year – January 30-31 and February 5-7 in San Bernardino, California. For more information, go to their website. And just so you don’t think you misread, yes I have a weed card and not a drivers license. So sue me, I still get around.

2. Cannabis Wedding Expo

weed wedding 10 Of Best Marijuana Events You Should Attend In 2016


Here comes the bride/all decked in white widow.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.  All lame jokes aside the Cannabis Wedding Expo is the first of its kind, although I’m sure it wouldn’t be the first time someone has had to use cannabis to get married.

The expo will feature a variety of cannabis-themed wedding products: from cannabis finger foods and cannabis flower arrangements to marijuana sculptures, marijuana-infused alcohol or certain pot strains to help you forget the drunken one-night stand you’ll have with that homely bridesmaid or best man – it will all be there. The expo is being held on January 17th in Denver Colorado and begins at 11 am. For more information about the time and location, visit their website here.

3. Spring Marijuana Business Conference and Expo

business expo 10 Of Best Marijuana Events You Should Attend In 2016

This is the real deal right here. If you are serious about making inroads into the Cannabis industry this CANNOT be missed. It is the largest and oldest running national marijuana conference in the USA and HIGHLY beneficial for anyone involved in the medical marijuana industry, whether that be dispensaries, growers or patients.

It’s both a conference for those looking to invest, as well as an expo for those just looking to attend and get more information about the ever-evolving cannabis industry. The exhibition is from May 9 – 11th and is being held in Orlando, Florida. Check out their website for more information.

4. Denver High Times Cannabis Cup

high times cup 10 Of Best Marijuana Events You Should Attend In 2016

Do you realize High Times first came out in 1974? I was just a masturbation fantasy at that point. Even as I got older High Times was still considered “counter-culture”. So much so you had to buy them wrapped in plastic. Even the copies of Juggs, Penthouse, and Black Tail didn’t get that much censorship.

But I digress. The reason you are seeing High Times mentioned so often lately is because they paid their dues! They were championing weed when you were still nervously smoking it in a tin foil pipe in the alley behind your friend’s house. The Denver event will be similar to the California event, however, dates have yet to be decided. Keep checking their website for updates.

5. Seattle Hempfest

seattle 10 Of Best Marijuana Events You Should Attend In 2016

Yes, I know if we played word association with the words  “hempfest” and “Seattle” “Patchouli” and “hippies” would soon follow. But don’t let that stop you from attending this event. The reason you have that association is actually a testament to the fests longevity. This will be Seattle’s 25th Hempfest, hosted on August 19, 20 and 21.

This particular hempfest will be educational in nature, or it will aspire to be. Because while efficient as all hell hemp is like the C-Span of cannabis, boring as shit to listen to unless you actually have something at stake (which you do).  All the different applications of the plant, as well as education about its legal status and legal use, will be discussed.  For more information about time date location, etc. visit www.hempfest.org/about/mission.

6. The Oregon Marijuana Business Conference 

oregon 10 Of Best Marijuana Events You Should Attend In 2016

Something that makes my friends and colleagues raise their brow at me quite frequently is that, as eccentric as I might present I do know a thing or two about money. To be quite honest with you, weed, sex, and money are some of the greatest things in this world, although you only need one of them to survive and maybe a couple of them (if any) to make you happy.

If you are looking to invest your money in the ever-growing marijuana industry this would be a good event to attend. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission will begin accepting applications for wholesalers, growers, and retailers. You’ll be able to learn about legal factors, taxation and all the things you need to know before starting your own marijuana business. It’s being held on April 24, 2016. To find out the location go to http://oregonmbc.com/.

7. Boise Hempfest

boise hempfest 10 Of Best Marijuana Events You Should Attend In 2016

Now I’m going to admit this one surprised me. Boise? Word?  I can’t even crack a joke about this one because I’ve never been, seen or met anyone from Boise Idaho. NO ONE HAS.

The event will feature cannabis friendly entertainment that will promote legalization in Idaho, which, by all accounts, is slated to happen around the year 3014. Dates for the Boise Hempfest are April 23, 2016. To apply to be a vendor, volunteer or to buy tickets, click here.

8. Cannabis Business Summit and Expo

surna 10 Of Best Marijuana Events You Should Attend In 2016

Bay Area folks this one’s for you. Don’t slack– get your knowledge on. As James Brown would say, Get Up, Get Into it and GET INVOLVED.  This event has already been called America’s most important cannabis event this year. You will have the opportunity to meet national policy makers and those with major influence and pull in the marijuana industry.

So go there, show your face, your pride, your dedication and REPRESENT! The expo will be held June 20-22 in Oakland, CA and you can get more information here.

9. The Great Midwest Harvest Festival

midwest harvest 10 Of Best Marijuana Events You Should Attend In 2016

I’m from the Midwest. I fondly remember being arrested at least, oh about FOUR times for weed during my college years. The fact that my sweet hometown Chicago now has a medical marijuana dispensary almost makes me want to move there but, alas,  sub-artic winters are a mother.

This event will be held in Madison, Wisconsin and is a celebration of the harvest season in October. There won’t be any Wiccans involved (well maybe a few) but definitely, Burners, Occupy Wall Streeters,  etc.  Have you ever been to Madison?

The festival is all about activism–the act of smoking weed goddammit. Its main focus will be supporting the reform of marijuana laws in the USA. From October 2 – 4, there will be music, vendors, speakers and more. For more information check out the Harvest Fest.

10. Boston Freedom Rally 

boston 10 Of Best Marijuana Events You Should Attend In 2016

Bostonians I know you like to get high.  Although weed may be second or third to coke and meth for you, you should still come out and support your fellow marijuana smokers. This rally is all about ending marijuana prohibition and giving people the appropriate information they need. The kind of information that allows them to make informed decisions.

There will be bands, speakers, vendors and more than likely one drunken fueled melee’. The rally will be held on September 26th and 27th in Boston Massachusetts. To stay up to date with their events and for more information about this one, you can visit their Facebook page.

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