Steamcloud EVOD Review

First Thoughts

I just realized that I’ve never truly been in control. Whether it be in my personal life or in my work life something existential always affects an outcome no matter how hard I try to steer it. Not saying I don’t have free will, just that it’s constantly challenged. 

As a weed smoker I’m also out of control (often in more ways than one hehe). I only have a few ways to smoke; my lighter has one temperature, and my weed smoking experience is affected by whatever setting I’m in. Even with vaping, something I’ve been doing with greater frequency, I can only click my pen three times like Dorthy clicking her chaffed ruby heels to change my temperature settings. I guess it’s a semblance of control,  but it still feels lacking.

Enter the Steamcloud EVOD. The EVOD provides me with more control than Janet Jackson could ever wish for. The sleek, matte-finish 900mah battery pairs easily with my cornucopia of cartridges and is fully compatible with my 510 thread for concentrates, allowing me to vape  or ‘dab’ on the go. 

While essentially functioning the same as an E-Cig battery, what sets the EVOD apart from its competitors is the discreet voltage dial located at the bottom of the battery.  This dial allows a person to increase the voltage up to 4.8 volts, or decrease it as low as 3.3 volts. In turn you’ll be able to produce smooth, flavorful vapors to dense, impressive clouds according to your taste, mood, and the concentrate you are using. 


While not as discreet as its counterpart, the Steamcloud Mini, the EVOD is portable enough to take with you on most outings where discretion is key. I’ve been able to take it to most functions and not be met with icy glares or sly, knowing smirks. That being said the EVOD is considerably longer than most batteries and doesn’t fit as neatly in your pocket as slimmer, smaller batteries would. Unless you’ve got deep pockets, which, in that case, more power to you. 


  • Compatible with nearly all slim 510 vape cartridges
  • Min. is 3.3v, Max. is 4.8v
  • Battery Capacity – 900 mah
  • Variable Voltage allows you to adjust the voltage with the twist of a dial
  • USB Charger
  • Metal Dab Pick

How to Use Your SteamCloud EVOD

The EVOD is compatible with most skinny 510 thread oil and wax cartridges. To use your EVOD you gently screw your cartridge to the top of your charged battery, adjust the dial located at the base of the battery to control temperature, and press the button on the side of your EVOD to vape (or dab) to your hearts content. 


Again, discretion is key in this era of quasi cannabis legality. If you happen to live in a jurisdiction where cannabis is not legal, portable rigs are not only crucial to utilize, they could be the difference between a sleepless night in jail and one in your futon bed. Additionally, the EVOD provides a level of power similar to that of the Saber Vape, allowing for novice and experienced users to maximize the full potential of their oils, flowers, or concentrates. So far I’ve been able to maximize flavors on my batters and live resins I didn’t realize were palatable until now.

There is also the very novel, slightly retro looking adjustable temperature dial located on the bottom of the EVOD. Adjusting your temperature by turning a dial as opposed to clicking a button feels a bit more old-school, like using a typewriter or rotary phone or MySpace.  


While I do think the EVOD is aesthetically pleasing, with a sleek black matte finish and retro temperature dial, it hasn’t been without its issues. If you use your EVOD to vape concentrates, you will need to clean the section where you connect your cartridge regularly as even a small amount of residue in that spot can cause your EVOD to malfunction. Another issue I’ve been having is with the battery life of my EVOD. Even after repeated charges the EVOD seems to lose its juice, much like the real O.J. I think this is likely due to the issues I mentioned beforehand, and could likely be remedied by a couple passive aggressive emails to their customer support.


When functioning I definitely prefer the EVOD for when I want to do some serious dabbing or exercise more control over my vaping experience.
If you’re curious about trying the Steamcloud EVOD yourself, grab one from our pals at NYVapeshop. They have a collection of some of the most popular vapes on the market and compete with most when it comes to price.

Petey Wheatstraw

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