Steam Cloud Mini 2.0: Big Thing-Small Package

First Thoughts

Damn do I love to dab.

No, no, hear me out. I’m way too old to be doing that ridiculous millineal two-step. When I say Petey dabs I’m referring to dabbing concentrates, or as others bluntly put it, getting as high as humanly possible off the cannabis sativa plant. These are my goals people, my goals.

I’ve been using two devices to heat my concentrates, both of which have their pros and cons. The Grenco Slim Quartz, while efficient, does not possess the chamber depth to provide a user enough vapor to get sufficiently medicated. The other device I utiliz, the Saber Vape, was an industrious behemoth that took vaping concentrates to new, unparalleled heights. That is until I accidentally dropped it on the floor last year, thereby ending my dabbing sojourn abruptly.

The ganja gods must have had plans for Ol’ Petey, however, as I’ve recently had the pleasure–nay–the blessing of having a new dabbing tool bequeathed upon me. The Steam Cloud Mini 2.0. If you didn’t know now you know.

The Steam Cloud Mini 2.0 is a small, lightweight and completely efficient way to vape your concentrates. While it does not produce the same amount of vapor as other vapes on the market, it is perfect for those looking to discreetly dab without the hassle of wrestling with an awkwardly sized rig or pen.

The original SteamCloud vape utilized one steady voltage setting ideal for vaping oil cartridges. This quickly became problematic for consumers, as not all cartridges are made the same and some people enjoy smoother or bigger puffs, depending on their taste and tolerances. The Mini 2.0 now features the ability to adjust the voltage settings so that you can fine-tune your vaping experience. This is ideal for those looking to draw a smoother hit from their concentrates or fully experience the variances in flavor profiles.


  • The Steam Cloud Mini features a chamber which holds most 510 oil cartridges
  • The Steam Cloud Mini 2.0 now has variable voltage options so that you can fine-tune your vaping experience.  You can now control how much power flows into the oil cartridge to create cleaner or larger puffs.
  • The Steam Cloud Mini 2.0 features a chamber where you can view how much smoke your Mini is producing. Akin to a thermostat, you can get as “high” or “low” as you want.

How to Use Your Steam Cloud Mini

First, you want to screw the magnetic ring onto the bottom of the oil cartridge or wax cartridge. This magnetic ring will connect your cartridge to your Steam Cloud Mini.

When properly connected with the magnetic ring, insert the cartridge into the slot opening in your Steam Cloud. The magnetic ring should snap into place when properly inserted. You next want to gently pull on the tip of your cartridge to make sure a connection has been made.

Next, you want to turn on your device. To do this press the power button five times quickly in a row. For new cartridges click the power button two times to preheat the cartridge for 15 seconds. If you want to change the voltage press the power button three times quickly in a row.

The settings change colors to:

  • Green: 3.4V (390°-570°F)
  • Blue: 3.7V (570°-730°F)
  • Red: 4.0V (730°-865°F)

Now that your Steam Cloud Mini has been “activated” press and hold the power button to heat the cartridge and begin vaping.

If you are a visual smoker, you will be thrilled to find that when you press and hold the power button to begin vaping, the chamber that holds your cartridge turns a very sexy red. You can watch as thick, milky smoke from your concentrates billows inside your chamber before lifting it to your lips for a hit. If that all sounds sexual it’s because yeah, the mini gets you wet.


I’m enjoying the freedom and ability to dab on the go that my mini gives. I often crave a full spectrum smoking experience, meaning a hearty serving of kush and concentrates. Therefore, the Steam Cloud allows for a complete meal no matter how dry my local dispensaries cupboards are.


The Steam Cloud Mini is, well, mini. You should expect that you will need to charge it often as the battery life is at most dissmal. Don’t be like me and think that you can live off that first initial charge alone. If you want to be able to fully enjoy your concentrates and have your Steam Cloud working at its most efficient, ensure that it remains fully charged.

You might also find that due to your Mini’s size it heats quickly. Unfortunately for you, this heat is transferred to the metal tip of your cartridge, and we all know hot metal hates cold lips.


Dab rigs, like your lovers, come in all shapes and sizes. It’s entirely up to you to determine what heats you the most. Personally, I enjoy the Steam Cloud Mini 2.0 for its ability to slip discreetly into my pockets and be retrieved easily when the time for serious vaping arises. While the mini looks small, it produces enough vapor to challenge larger vapes.

The easiest way to purchase a Steam Cloud Mini is from NYVapeShop. Not only do they sell many of the best vapes on the market for ridiculously low prices, but they also ship them neatly and discreetly to your door.

Have you tried the Steam Cloud Mini 2.0? What’s your favorite portable vape on the market? Let us know in the comment section below!

Petey Wheatstraw

Hi, my name is Petey Wheatstraw. I'm an avid marijuana smoker, writer, devoted father and non-profit minion-- not necessarily in that order. A Chicago native I've lived in the Bay Area since 1996. Click Here for Free Cannabis