Snoop Dogg endorses London Breed for San Francisco mayor

On Saturday, May 5th, former acting mayor London Breed received the formal endorsement of a San Francisco mayoral candidacy run by Calif. Assemblyman David Chiu. Three days later Breed received her most glowing, and perhaps most influential endorsement to date, by Long Beach rap icon Snoop Dogg.

“im standing wit the women of #ItsOurTimeSF because its time an accomplished woman led the city #ItsOurTime #London4Mayor,” he wrote of Breed on Twitter last week.

Snoop then shared a video produced by It’s Our Time, a pro-Breed PAC.

The video is an alacritous hodgepodge of portraits and photos of the majority of San Francisco’s mayors from 1850 to 2018, nearly all of them old, white and male–Willie Brown, Dianne Feinstein and Ed Lee being the only exceptions. Breed winning the title of San Francisco mayor would squarely place her as the first African-American female mayor of San Francisco, likely a major driving force behind Snoops endorsement:

Breed served briefly as the first African-American woman to lead the city before being succeeded by Supervisor Mark Farrell.  She was famously ousted by a controversial vote of the Board of Supervisors in January over a variety of concerns, namely, that serving as acting mayor would give her an advantage in the election, that being the president of the Board of Supervisors and the acting mayor was too great a consolidation of power, and that her ties to billionaire tech mogul Ron Conway were problematic, at best. Many of her constituents have also criticized Breed for her assault on rent-controlled and affordable housing, something that will be sure to resonate with voters this June in a city that is increasingly becoming more difficult to reside in.

This isn’t the Dogg Father’s first foray into politics. He endorsed Ron Paul and then Barack Obama for president in 2012, headlined a party at the Democratic National Convention last summer, and last fall released a song called “Make America Crip Again.”

Note: This article is neither an endorsement of London Breed or any other candidate for mayor. We strongly encourage San Francisco residents to examine the voting records of each candidate to make an informed decision come this June. 

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