Snoop Dogg Blazes Tech Crunch With New Website “Merry Jane”

Snoop Dogg (when you read that you need to read it as Snoop D-0-Double G) is changing his moniker again. No longer going by “Snoop Lion”, the rapper Don said this past Monday at the Tech Crunch Disrupt event in San Francisco he might be going as “Snoop Tech” , as he spoke to promote his new weed website

“Merry Jane will be the door to bring people out of the closet. Because so many people are in the closet,” Snoop mentioned.

The rapper, with an estimated net worth of $135 million, has ventured into business startups as of late, most noticeably investing in PhilZ Coffee and the marijuana delivery service Eaze.

His newest project,, is geared towards legalization of marijuana as well as the rappers own unique view of cannabis culture. It will include news about cannabis, as well as consumer guides like maps to dispensaries. Snoop intends for to be an online “encyclopedia” for anything anyone would want to know about pot.

One unique quality that has that most, if not all marijuana based websites do not have is a vocal celebrity factor. is set to feature Snoops celebrity smoking buddies including actor Seth Rogen and singer Miley Cyrus.

“I enjoy it for medical reasons,” Snoop Dogg responded when asked why pot was such a passion for him and so deeply tied to his persona as an entertainer.

“It is a peace situation for me. Every time I have been around it, I have seen beautiful things happen. I’ve seen people manifest love, peace and harmony.” is officially set to go online next month in October.

Petey Wheatstraw

Hi, my name is Petey Wheatstraw. I'm an avid marijuana smoker, writer, devoted father and non-profit minion-- not necessarily in that order. A Chicago native I've lived in the Bay Area since 1996. Click Here for Free Cannabis