Smoking Vs. Vaporizing Weed: Is there really a difference?

Ok so I’ll be blunt, as that’s what I just finished smoking. I first began my love affair with Mary Jane sometime during my senior year of High School. Without aging myself too much, let’s just say that was before a time when cell phones were widely accessible and when the internet sounded like a shopping cart being thrown down a flight of stairs whenever you logged on. 

You’ve Got Mail!

I’ve always smoked my weed. In joints, blunts, bowls, bongs, apples, beer cans –hell there have been times I’ve been so desperate I was willing to ball my hands into a fist and use my own flesh as a chillum.

But I never vaped, that is until recently, and never really got into edibles either (but that’s a different story altogether).  I remember when vaping first became popular too, with people proselytizing about its potency and lack of discernible smell, about how one burns 95% less carcinogens. But I tried it and I was not impressed.

And the thing is, after years of trying different vaporizers I’m still not. And although I’ve vaped quite a bit I don’t know, I suppose I’m kind of old school. I like breaking my weed up, coating my fingertips with it. I like playing with it, mixing it with hash or wax, packing it into a fat bowl and watching it blaze like a California wildfire. I like seeing gusts of gray smoke gush from my mouth like I’m spontaneously combusting, I like smelling like beef jerky. Only weed smoke can make you smell like that and only smoking can give you that, that heaviness. I feel with vaping I am smoking with zero affect barring a slight tickle behind my eyes. I rather my eyes feel stitched together.  Then again, maybe I need to take more hits of my vape pen.

But that’s just me. According to the infographic below, (which needs some updating itself as far as I’m concerned) apparently the health benefits of vaping far outweigh the oh who the hell cares anyway. I’m just going to keep hitting my blunt while we read the following infographic and answer the age-old question about smoking vs. vaporizing weed.


Update: okay, you got me. I’m officially a vape head now. I still smoke cannabis mind you, just not with the same vigor as I used to. And the reasons are quite simple. Discretion. Yes, even you dear reader may need to tone it down a bit as you age, not showing up to important functions reeking of burnt plant matter and such. But I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

I have a few companies that I stand by, meaning, they are completely compliant and vigorously tested. Old Pal, Jetty Extracts and Three Kings are a few that come to mind. What are some of your favorite carts on the market? Smoking vs. vaporizing weed, which works best for you? Let us know in the comment section!



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