San Jose Police Discover 2 Pounds of Bomb Weed During Traffic Stop

Is it just me or are people in San Jose getting arrested for ridiculous amounts of weed on an almost weekly basis?

This time the poor bastard, a certain Luis Jimenez-Garcia, 26, was arrested after an officer pulled over his gold 1996 Acura TL for a vehicle code violation on Marylinn Drive, according to police. The stop was also probably due to the fact that ONLY DRUG DEALERS DRIVE 96′ ACURA’s. Everyone knows thatESPECIALLY the police. Geez.

After the initial traffic stop, the officer approached Mr. Garcia’s car, finding the uniquely strong smell of marijuana in the vehicle, which was eventually discovered in its unburnt form during a more thorough search. The officer was also reportedly given false identification information by the stoned driver, later identified as Jimenez-Garcia, police said.

Once his true identity was revealed, it was also discovered Mr. Garcia had a penchant for riding dirty, as his license had been invalidated for some time.

Mr. Garcia was eventually arrested and booked into Santa Clara County Jail on suspicion of possession and transportation of marijuana for sales, providing a false name to an officer and driving a vehicle without a valid license, according to police.

If anyone from San Jose is reading this, stay frosty my friends! 


Petey Wheatstraw

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