San Jose cop arrested for stealing suspect’s marijuana

Longtime San Jose police officer Julio Morales, 49, was cited and released at SJPD headquarters on suspicion of a single count of misdemeanor petty theft of marijuana, according to a police news release.

What’s truly sad is that Morales seems to have a sordid history of pulling stupid stunts such as these. In 2010, Morales was acquitted of charges that he fondled a teenager and drove her home against her will in 2008. Jurors at the time cited a “complete lack of evidence” for the allegations, which yielded a 13-day trial that ended with his exoneration.

These new allegations levied against the  21½-year veteran of the force however, has some speculating that his supposed innocence may be compromised. Morales has been placed on paid administrative leave since Feb.4, when an Internal Affairs investigation found enough evidence to levy the theft allegation, which occurred in November 2016, police said.

It’s unclear how much marijuana Morales actually stole, or if he is aware that there are actually easier ways to procure pot than stealing it from the suspect you just arrested on domestic violence charges. It’s this level of stupidity that has Morales’ fellow offices shaking their heads in dismay.

“For one of our own officers to do this is a huge disappointment. We work hard to build and maintain trust in the community,” Sgt. Enrique Garcia said. “This officer’s actions does not reflect the amazing work our officers do daily.”

While that may (or may not) be true, Morales has plenty time to reflect on his actions, as he is expected to remain on leave until his current case is adjudicated.

Ironically (or not), this is not the first time San Jose police have been the subject of marijuana theft. In 2015 44-year-old Son H. Vu, a 21-year veteran on the San Jose police force, was arraigned on charges of felony possession with intent to sell and maintaining an illegal stash location.

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