San Francisco’s Got One Pot Party Down, None To Go

Last month in San Francisco the first ever Medical Marijuana food festival, aptly deemed “Get Baked” was held. With folks happily munching on everything from weed infused cinnamon buns to pot pancakes, the festival was an all around success. However after talks of a second festival scheduled for August 1st began to circulate, the cities officials apparently had enough and are now saying they will not allow it to happen.
While the organizer of the event accuses the city of intimidating cannabis clubs from participating, Public Information Officer Nancy Sarieh with the city’s Department of Public Health said selling medical cannabis in any manner requires a dispensary permit. San Francisco will not grant one because the organizers don’t qualify, even though last year they…did?

Stratton said he may move the August Pot Luck to another city, possibly Oakland. Because, you know, Oakland get’s it.

Check out the video from CBS San Francisco below:

Petey Wheatstraw

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