San Francisco start up delivers your weed by… Drone?

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I spoke in a previous post how the idea of a Marijuana delivery service, while pitched many times by the enthusiastic stoner whilst waiting for a pizza with his or her friends, has never been something that existed until recently. With delivery services such as Eaze and Foggy Daze,  nowadays ordering marijuana is as easy as picking up your phone or clicking a few buttons.

But we as Americans are not quite content with getting our products delivered to us within days, or even hours sometimes, which is why recently Amazon pitched the idea of having Drones deliver packages to your home from hubs within your vicinity, all in about 30 minutes. 

That idea doesn’t sound so far-fetched when you throw marijuana into the equation, a product not everyone wants to be advertised as being delivered to their house. While a Drone buzzing by and dive bombing an eight of weed into your head may not sound so discreet, neither does a person pulling up to your driveway and cheerfully handing you a brown or white paper bag full of your “medicine” while you exchange cash or credit card information and awkward conversation.

San Francisco start-up Tree’s Delivery is taking a cue from Amazon and will soon be delivering weed by drone. With just a few clicks on an online order form or via your phone, you can have medicinal marijuana delivered to you by drone, in just a couple of hours. 

Now, this method of delivery is certainly not as fast as your standard delivery service, which tends to deliver your medicine to you within an hour. But it is certainly more enigmatic, and who doesn’t like that coupled with their weed experience?

For the record Wikipedia, the standard for everything that is just and true in the Universe defines a Drone, or Unmaned Aireal Veichle (UAV) as: aircraft without a human pilot aboard. Its flight is controlled either autonomously by onboard computers or by the remote control of a pilot on the ground or in another vehicle.

Obviously, since marijuana is not technically legal in the state of California, these types of deliveries are only available to those with a valid doctor’s recommendation and state ID.  Since you will be receiving your marijuana from a Drone of all things, it will cost you a bit more. Currently Tree Delivery offers three different boxes for delivery; the bud box, the extract box and the beginner box.  The bud and extract box cost $149 each, while the beginner box is priced at a slightly more reasonable $99.


With all these fads that are slowly flooding the marijuana market it begs the question of what’s next? 3D models of White Widow? Marijuana injectables? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. 




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