San Fran Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi asks for Medical Marijuana backing

In yet another show of pot going mainstream, Bay Area Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, who is already facing a tough re-election bid since entertaining the public with a series of potentially damaging scandals (including him pleading guilty in 2011 to a false imprisonment charge stemming from a fight with his wife, Eliana Lopez) is reaching out to his pals in the Medical Marijuana industry for significant fiscal backing.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi

You might wonder why a member of law enforcement would reach out or accept backing from an industry that is, at least in the eyes of the Federal Government, operating under illegal pretense. Despite  numerous public escapades, Mirkarimi has held a rather progressive view on drug policies and prison reform, something that could ultimately  win him favor with voters come November 3rd.

Mirkarimi’s allies include Bay Area reform advocate, Debby Goldsberry along with Dan Lind, a long time UFCW organizer, now retired, who was one the founders of their cannabis division. Goldsberry and Lind  are working with Mirkarimi with the hope that a substantial amount of fundraising resources can be sourced from the ever growing cannabis community.

“It is imperative that the cannabis community steps up to assure that the State’s most cannabis friendly sheriff stays in office,” Goldsberry said via “As a member of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors, he helped implement medical cannabis regulations that are replicated nationwide, and as sheriff, he has consistently spoken out against wasting money enforcing outdated cannabis laws. People need to get involved and donate to the campaign, to make sure we step forward, not back, in San Francisco.”

Let’s hope Goldsberry is correct in his assertion and needless drug arrests continue to decline under Mirkarami’s watch.


If you live in San Francisco be sure to vote come November3rd! 

To get more information or to donate to the campaign, check out Ross for Sheriff at

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