Rolling 101: How To Roll The Perfect Joint

Rolling a joint is arguably the best way to get that precious CBD and THC into your system. It’s what most people start with and always prefer doing, even after many years of consuming cannabis and cannabis-related products.

However, many aren’t exactly sure about everything that goes into rolling a joint, and whether they’re doing things right or wrong. Not to worry, whether you’re a marijuana newbie or a joint-rolling veteran, you can follow these steps if you’re curious about how to roll the perfect joint.

Step 1. Choose Your Materials Wisely

First thing’s first, you’ll have to select the finest materials possible to create your perfect joint. Therefore, you need to purchase your favorite marijuana strain, along with some rolling papers. When it comes to the strain, you could opt for any of the hundreds of types out there — depending on your preferences.

Rolling papers also come in many options. You can choose between hemp white, brown, rice, wood pulp, or a great number of novelty options. Arguably one of the best options when it comes to rolling papers are the ones made from hemp. Hemp’s quite popular within the community, thanks to its absorbent powers, as well as the fact that it comes with a medium burn and a delicate aftertaste. It’s also quite easy to find hemp rolling papers online and have them delivered to your home whenever you like.

If you’re just starting out, you can use around a 1/2 gram (0.017oz) of weed, and some normal-sized rolling paper. Once you have your basic ingredients, you’ll also need a filter or crutch, a grinder, and a tool to help pack the joint. 

Step 2. The Grind & Fold

The creation of a perfect joint starts at grinding. The best way to break down your cannabis is with the help of a grinder, as it will prevent your hands from sticking to the paper. However, you could also use scissors or your hands to grind the plant down.

Once you’re done grinding, you’ll need to create a crutch (a.k.a a filter or tip). Some papers contain the material for a crutch, but you can also make your own with a business card or any other piece of thin cardboard. All you need to do is fold the end of your cardboard into an accordion-like shape, and roll it as thick as you want your joint to be.

Step 3. Fill & Roll 

Now you’ll need to place the crutch and the shake in the rolling paper, and use your fingers to create the joint’s shape. The next step is packing the weed in, by rolling it into the paper. To ensure the best outcome possible, you ought to pinch the rolling paper with your fingertips and roll it until you achieve the desired cone shape. 

Start by tucking the unglued edge of your paper into the roll, and keep rolling it up. Then, use some moisture to make sure the glued (sticky) edge is secured to the end of the rolling paper. Once the paper is locked into place, you can keep tucking and sealing the joint down the seam until every side is sealed — leaving only the end open.

Step 4. Pack It In & Enjoy It

Finally, pack your joint by using a pen (or any similar object) to push the cannabis down, and then tap it gently against a flat surface to compact it.

If you followed these instructions accurately — congratulations, you’ve rolled the perfect joint! Now all that’s left is for you to smoke it, or seal and save it for later by twisting the end into a wick.

Bill Gordon

Bill is a freelance writer and a cannabis enthusiast. He likes writing articles that cover green, eco-friendly and marijuana-related topics. He has written numerous articles and contributed to several other blogs. When he is not writing, he spends his time with his family.