Pre-Rolled Blunt Cones by Custom Cones

As a cannabis consumer you have a multitude of options when it comes to the
method that you want to smoke your flower. For larger quantities of flower you
can enjoy by rolling into a joint or a blunt.

The classic joint, also known as cannabis cigarette, doink, doobie, etc. is a favorite
amongst most smokers because of its simplicity. Joints are thin cigarette papers
that tend to be flavorless, which allows consumers to still get a flavorful taste
their cannabis within the wrap. The size of joint papers average a few inches in
length; therefore a joint is often a solo smoking experience. King-size joint papers
and pre-rolled cones do allow more flower to fit in the joint, but some argue
blunts just are more satisfying to smoke.


Blunts are rolled with specialized blunt wraps, such as tobacco pulp wraps or by
removing the tobacco from the inside of a cigar and using the wrap to roll your
flower into. They are larger than the standard joint and often hold a minimum of
0.75g of cannabis. The slight presence of the tobacco in the blunt wrap itself can
be a deal breaker for some, being that not all cannabis smokers are nicotine or
tobacco smokers.
While the tobacco in a blunt gives an extra kick but it is not a healthy option in comparison to a joint. The thickness of blunt wraps makes rolling them a different type of experience compared to thin paper joints. When smoked, this
allows a slower burn from a blunt, but it comes with the con of smoking tobacco
alongside cannabis. Finally, tobacco and cannabis cannot be sold together in
recreational marijuana dispensaries and legal markets, which can be a challenge.
With this being said, how do you find a happy medium? What if you want the full
flavor, slow burn, and pure cannabis rolled with no additives or tobacco? Pre-
rolled cones have been on the rise because they make an easy task even easier.

Simply break down the flower, stuff into cone, twist the end, spark! With a built
in filter, the smoking experience is smooth and requires little labor.
Custom Cones USA introduces the 100% all natural hemp pre-rolled blunt cone.
This hemp blunt is legal across all states in the country and is a much healthier
and more ideal option for fans of blunts. We’ve created a pre-rolled hemp blunt
cone that defies all previous negative assumptions about blunts. We have two
sizes, 109mm 1-gram blunt cones and 84mm half-gram pre rolled blunt cones.
We also can make custom sizes and do custom branding by adding an external
wrapped sticker to the outside. Although they come with a paper tip the corn
husk tip is an ideal upgrade option for an even more superior smoking

With no tobacco, a built in filter, and a few blunt size options for the solo or
group session, these pre-rolled cones are ideal for any smoker. Try the pre-rolled
hemp blunt cone today and see for yourself why it is hands down the healthiest,
smoothest and most flavorful of the rolling options!


Krystyn Bristol

Krystyn Bristol is a cannabis enthusiast and industry expert. She has worked in almost every aspect of the industry and is also a professional photographer. In her free time, Krystyn enjoys spending time with her dogs and going to music festivals.