New Pot Startups Compete For Dank Rank In San Francisco

As I mentioned in the previous post last weekend was the Marijuana Investor Summit, where a gaggle of fresh marijuana startups competed on stage in San Francisco for an eight of accolades, or just an extra tweet or two. The “@420 Pitch contest”  which is normally held in the Runway incubator at the Twitter building on 10th and Market was this year held at the Hilton Union Square. However, it was there in that hotel that Sensimillia and Startups made sweet, sweet love.

Here are the pitches that got the most buzz:

CONSUMER TECHNOLOGY — The first credit card sized vaporizer. It fits in your wallet.  It fits in your Glove Compartment.  It fits in your shoe. And most importantly, it can fit in someone else’s pocket (during those moments when you just need to, slip away):

ZT — Providers of seamless, on-demand dispensary-focused marketing and technology solutions that connects patients and dispensaries through an App and mobile website. I only have a vague concept of what that means or entails but, either way, it sounds good, doesn’t it?

GR– I love it when businesses appropriate black slang and use it like we don’t see what the fuck you’re doing. Loud? Word? Anywho LoudCloud consolidates MMJ patient information for faster verification at collectives and events so you and your “homies” won’t have to wait as long.


LUXURY ACCESSORIES– I used to rock bags like these, in my FORMER LIFE AS DELTA BURKE ON THE SHOW DESIGNING WOMEN. If that joke went way over your head don’t worry, you’re just in your 20’s. Van der Pop creates luxury accessories to store, smoke and share cannabis for female consumers. Because apparently women can’t smoke like men and need an assortment of scarves and shoes to get high.


PRODUCER TECHNOLOGY — The SmartBee technology enables a grower to wirelessly monitor and control an indoor garden 24/7 using a smartphone, tablet or PC. Very similar to the “Plug and Plant” marijuana grow box developed by Leaf.

 — The engineers from Elon Musk’s SpaceX have created a next-gen energy and water-efficient commercial cultivation system. I guarantee they did not have girl scout cookies in mind when they created this.

grow-x-600x468 (1)

WEED BIOTECH — So you know how they have now begun to grow (create?) meat in a lab? Well, apparently they can do the same thing with weed. Librede utilizes biology (and not black magic) to grow THC and other cannabis derivatives in the laboratory, resulting in a 90% cost reduction.


EDIBLES –  Cashing in on the recent trend of “ganja gum” is Plus Products who create a “suite of premium products”, the first of which is Plus Gum. Word on the street is it tastes (and feels) amazing.



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