Need to Get Weed Out of Your System? Here’s Your Guide to Doing a Cannabis Detox

Consuming cannabis is a personal decision that is becoming more and more acceptable throughout the United States. In states where cannabis is legal, many employers don’t even require drug tests to prove sobriety from the substance (although some still do – it’s up to them).

Perhaps you’re applying for a job position that does require a drug test. Or, you simply want to take a break from consuming cannabis as much as you have been. Either way, you’ve decided that it’s time for a proper cannabis detox. Fortunately, there are some key ways to cleanse your body from the existence of cannabis that we will outline in this article.

Remember, modern drug tests can find cannabis in your body’s urine, blood, fat cells, and even hair follicles. Keep reading to ensure your cannabis detox is thorough.

Cannabis Consumption and How Long It Lasts

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It might comfort you to know that you’re definitely not alone in consuming cannabis. Consider the fact that the cannabis market size was worth over $20 billion in revenue in 2020. Plus, that number just continues to grow year by year.

Cannabis can stick around in your body for anywhere from 30 to 90 days. Even still, some cannabis users can pass a urine drug test just 2-5 days after consumption. If you were to use a hair follicle test, though, the presence of cannabis will be visible for at least the full month.

There are so many factors that can contribute to how long cannabis lasts in your bodily systems. The most significant factor would be how much you tend to smoke on a regular basis.

Also, the speed of your metabolism can affect how quickly you can detox from cannabis. If you aren’t overweight and you exercise regularly enough, your body will have an easier time flushing out all of the cannabis particles.

What Are the Fastest Ways to Complete a Cannabis Detox?

The intensity of your cannabis detox is going to be entirely up to you. If you just want to spend some time sober, there’s not as much pressure for your detox to happen quickly. If you need to pass an upcoming drug test, though, you need to make some magic happen – and fast.

Before you get too excited, note that there are a lot of false claims about how to get weed out of your system. For instance, someone might suggest that you drink a ton of cranberry juice or even vinegar leading up to a drug test. Drinking these to pass a cannabis drug test, though, will not work as you might hope.

Rather, the real fastest way to detox from cannabis is based on your existing healthy habits. As mentioned above, the rate of your metabolism can either speed up or slow down the removal of any cannabis from your body.

For that reason, eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly might be your best chance(other than abstaining altogether) to avoid failing a cannabis drug test. Also, drinking more teats that are high in antioxidants might help your case if that’s something you’re willing to try.

Do Different Kinds of Cannabis Consumption Affect the Detox?

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Again, every person’s cannabis consumption will vary when it comes to how long the particles remain in their bodies. It’s too difficult to predict an exact length of time, which is why abstaining is always going to be your best bet to pass any cannabis drug test.

If you’re still set on consuming cannabis anyway, consider making smart choices about how you consume it. Since the industry continues to grow and innovate, there are tons of ways you can consume cannabis these days. These include traditional smoking for the dried blower, smoking a concentrated wax form called a “dab,” or even eating edibles (a.k.a., food items) with THC in them.

While dabs and regular cannabis smoking are usually pretty similar in how long they might last in your body, edibles are a different story. Because your digestive system is working harder to break down both the cannabis and the food, it’s working much harder. So, eating edibles can comparatively cause a cannabis detox to last much longer.

Potential Side Effects of a Thorough Cannabis Detox

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A cannabis detox may lead to the unsurprising anxiety of depression, of course. In addition, many people might experience a reduced appetite and more difficulty sleeping. Multitudes of cannabis users, after all, consume the substance to help them eat more and sleep better.

Other potential side effects might include headaches, joint pain, or other minor conditions, as the detoxification process is going to look different for everyone.

Keep Learning About the Cannabis Industry

Going through a complete cannabis detox is not necessarily easy. Still, it can be a worthwhile endeavor if you’re willing to put in the effort. This is particularly true if you’re hoping to nail that job interview for which you’d have to take a drug test.

Once you do get the job, don’t forget to keep in touch with other cannabis-related news. That’s why I’ve been writing cannabis industry articles that might be of interest and use to you.

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