Moon Rocks: To Infinity and Beyond

Have you tried this wacky, makeshift strain called Moon Rocks? They are designed to package your brain in a Soviet-era Sputnik rocket and send it swirling around your head like the Black Knight satellite.

Typically comprised of thick, dank strains such as Girl Scout Cookies or Purple Romulan, Moon Rocks are deliciously dunked and left to simmer overnight (or a full week for true connoisseurs) in a potent hash oil blend and then layered with a dusting of Kief. You would almost think that you should put this in your oven and bake for 20 minutes but no, you should put this in your pipe or vaporizer and get baked for about 2 hours (depending on your tolerance level).

You may have heard of Moonrocks referred to by other names. Spacerocks and Cannabis Caviar are notorious examples that immediately spring to mind. Spacerocks, it should be noted, are pretty much identical to the original Moonrocks. The only difference is the branding. Cannabis Caviar, however, typically refers to smaller, popcorn sized nugs that are soaked in hash oil overnight without that extra layer of kiefy goodness.

Now, who are the brains behind this cryptic strain? Although details are sketchy, at best, rumor has it that rapper and cousin to Snoop Dogg Kurupt and a certain Dr. Zodiak were its original inventors. Likely they were both donning surgical scrubs, thick coke bottle glasses and were laughing maniacally as lightning flashed behind them during its creation, but I could just be speculating.

The above video is from And if you haven’t already checked them out, you should.  A site that aggregates all the Cannabis delivery services in your area (I’m telling you we are living in the future folks!). While the video may be lacking in content to some, it features Hip Hop legend Krayzie Bone smoking with Gil from Weedmaps TV on the famed Herbalizer, which I have only tried but unfortunately have never owned. Le sigh.


I tried Moonrocks for the first time last week and wow– they are truly cosmic. Typically sold for about $30 a gram out here in the Bay Area, an entire 8th will set you back almost $100. This shouldn’t be an issue, however, as one gram can easily last your most hardened stoner a few sessions. The high, especially after one has indulged in excess, can be exceptionally crippling.

I would recommend buying moonrocks and then mixing them with your other favorite strain(s). And don’t feel like you are letting anyone down if you aren’t smoking that shit pure. Hell, even Snoop Dogg admitted he was faded by the rocks, so there ya go:

Petey Wheatstraw

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