Mendocino California Farmers Market Now Sells Marijuana

California is replete with Farmers Markets that peddle everything from purple kale to lychee. It’s such a California thing that when I went back to my hometown of Chicago they knew I had officially turned when I gushed about their delectable abundance.

That Farmers Markets which sell organics more of the leafy green variety operate in city view is nothing new, it’s just that they often face different fates. The California Heritage Market in Los Angeles was shut down after city attorney Mike Feuer filed a complaint after the market opened on July 4.

Often, because of this uncertainty, the selection and variety of marijuana one would expect from a Farmers Market is lacking.

One Farmers Market in the Mendocino county town of Laytonville that goes by the moniker Healing Harvest Farms is changing that with an incredible selection of heirloom cannabis. 

Now unfortunately this isn’t your typical Farmers Market in that it only happens once a year, but let’s hope someone out there changes that very soon.

You must posses a valid prop 215 ID and State ID to enter, although, seems folks have thought of everything, as a physician is on site to assist those who do not posses proper credentials.

However if you feel you can’t wait an entire year you could always go to the flea market in Oakland and find the brothers in the white van selling “organics”. They’re there every Sunday.

Healing Harvest Farms will be hosting their one year anniversary Saturday, August 29 at AREA 101 in Laytonville. Wonderland Nursery‘s Kevin Jodrey will be hosting a not to be missed workshop at 2:30


video courtesy of VPC 


Petey Wheatstraw

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