How to Become More Creative in Your Cannabis Consumption

One of the best things about consuming cannabis is that you can get vastly different experiences each time. Marijuana helps to free your mind, but like anything else, it can be boring if you get stuck in a routine. This is certainly the case if you’re locked into the same consumption habit and doing the same thing every time. 

If you’re slipping into a cannabis consumption rut, shake up your consumption and add some creativity to how you use marijuana. Below are some interesting ways to add creativity to your cannabis consumption. 

Buy Some New Products

To add some new spice to your routine, this is the easiest way to do so. Buying new products will help shuffle your consumption, and if you have a selection of products, each time you consume you will have more fun. Furthermore, shopping for new cannabis products is fun as well, because who doesn’t love getting new stuff! It’s a win-win. 

There are so many products available that you’ll be spoiled for choice. For example, if you like to vape, why not try some new flavors, or buy some new vapes? 

Explore Edibles

One of the easiest ways to branch out from your usual smoking routine is to explore edibles. This is an excellent idea for two reasons: edibles give you a fresh new way to consume cannabis, and they also allow you to have fun with cooking. 

Oh yes, and they can also be delicious if you find some yummy recipes. 

However, cooking with cannabis is not like heading to your kitchen to whip up a meal. In fact, it’s best to move slowly into making marijuana edibles. That way, you’ll ensure you get the right amount of cannabis in your recipes. The best place to start is with some dedicated cannabis recipes, which can be found in books and online. We recommend checking out YouTube for some videos on beginner edible recipes. Once you move past some basic recipes, you can get more elaborate and really let your creativity flow. 



How people consume marijuana has changed drastically in recent years. It seems the spread of legalization for recreational use has allowed people and organizations to explore how to enjoy cannabis. One of the growth markets in the industry is self-care products, which present a novel way to consume marijuana. 

For example, you can now purchase skincare and spa products. These items, including body lotions and massage oils, are infused with cannabis and are a fun new way to use cannabis. On top of giving you an exciting way to use it, you’ll also get the obvious benefits of self-care. People who have explored this method argue there’s nothing quite like taking a cannabis bath bomb.

You can be a DIYer and make your own cannabis-infused spa items. Again, the internet is your friend. Head online to find instructions on how to these products. 

Eat Mango


One consumption method that we are hearing increasingly positive things about is eating mango. Sure, on the surface this may seem strange, but people who consume cannabis with mango are in love with the idea. Because mango has myrcene (which provides the citrus fragrance), it interacts perfectly with the elements of cannabis, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). 

When these two aspects combine, the effect of marijuana can be enhanced. This makes mangos ideal if you want an enhanced experience, want to explore edibles, or just want a unique way to consume cannabis. 

A Pot Workout


If you love to hit the gym or to run 10k each day, have you ever considered blending your workout with your marijuana routine? Sounds counter-intuitive, right? Well, it’s not and many people do consume cannabis before they work out. Advocates of this consumption method argue getting a buzz on before exercise can help post-workout recovery and make the workout itself more dynamic. 

It is worth noting there is little scientific research to suggest there are benefits to cannabis and exercise, although, there’s also little evidence to show it doesn’t. 

Being in a routine helps people. But when you want to break out of your routine and try something different when it comes to ways to use marijuana, try a few of the things listed in this article.