Looking to Try Marijuana for Mental Health? You’re Not Alone.

As the California Department of Food and Agriculture takes strides for the third public comment on the proposed modification for appellations regarding cannabis, we are witnessing a growing acceptance towards Marijuana for mental health. 

At the same time, several decriminalization efforts are also being endorsed by the likes of Senator Cory Booker. All these instances point towards a cleaner and legally unobtrusive future for medical Marijuana and CBD enthusiasts who have shown a significant surge in demand for the same. 

In a study conducted by Veriheal, it was discovered that an increasingly large number of people were looking for Marijuana practitioners for dealing with the implicit psychological effects of Covid-19. California is fast advancing towards a lockdown-free state with several appropriative actions being taken, but residual effects of the pandemic will wither on their own time. 

Why Marijuana for Mental Health?

Marijuana and its extracts such as THC, CBD, etc, show evidence of being therapeutic towards chronic pain and alleviating mental health issues. CBD, a non-psychoactive substance found in the Cannabis plant is particularly witnessing wide popularity for many of its mental health benefits.  

Should you consider CBD for better Mental Health?

The short answer is yes. CBD products such as CBD Tincture, CBD Gummies, and CBD-infused coffee, etc, are all instrumental in controlling chronic ailments. If you’re someone who finds it hard to deal with anxious thoughts or is constantly bogged down by the negative news on TV to a point where it is becoming mentally taxing, CBD might offer some respite for you.

CBD is a natural stress buster but it’s important to understand how exactly it works. Unlike a stress pill, that chemically calms you down, CBD reacts with your body’s stress signals. It induces a deep feeling of relaxation that is hard to naturally evoke if you’re not trained to control your anxiety.

It lets you feel at peace, calming you in a more natural way. While it comes from Marijuana, which is often psychoactive, CBD doesn’t induce a so-called “high.” You don’t escape into a trance or elevated state of consciousness, you just feel relaxed and composed.

Identifying Good CBD in California

The CBD products market is seriously littered with companies who can’t substantiate their claims, and are not worth your attention. But in order to cull the real good players from the barrage of CBD misinformants, you’d need to learn 4 basic rules of CBD purchasing.

It doesn’t matter what company you trust when it comes to buying CBD as it’s a naturally occurring substance, however, you should keep the following 4 rules in mind. 

  • Type of Product – CBD is offered in various forms and shapes. You can purchase a pack of CBD gummies or get some CBD vape oil, both of which pretty much do the same thing. The difference lies in understanding what your end goal is with the product. If you’re making a lifestyle choice, and wish to keep things casual, CBD products that come infused with FMCG items can be looked into. But if you plan on making lasing amends to chronic symptoms, you might need a doctor’s advice on how to use CBD. 
  • Potency – Potency refers to the milligram strength of CBD present in a particular CBD product. Most manufacturers offer varying potencies in their products in order to help customers figure the best option. It’s that you look for a potency label on the packaging and ensure you’re not going for a super-high potency in the beginning. Anything less than 1000mg is a good start. Increase it gradually as you roll.
  • COA – COA is a certificate that helps customers validate the authenticity of the product. Manufacturers that have a COA are usually trustworthy. These certificates are provided by 3rd party testing laboratories because CBD products are not regulated by FDA, and therefore you need something to place your bets on.  
  • Your Pre-existing Conditions – While most CBD products are not harmful in nature, you might end up with side effects. This is because CBD has a tendency to interfere with other drugs. If you’re on medication for an illness already, it’s better to consult a doctor first. 

If you’re of the right legal age, you can buy CBD-infused products in California that will help you deal with pandemic blues. One study found that there was a 46% year-over-year increase in patients wanting “to feel happy.” So, does CBD or Marijuana make you feel happy? Not exactly but it can help curb anxiety, chills, sleeping disorders, and potentially depression, all of which curtail one’s ability to be truly happy.