KushCA’s Ganjapreneur of the Month: Nicholas Millan

Here at KushCA, we are all about celebrating the many passionate and brave souls forging paths in the Bay Area’s ever-expanding cannabis industry. This month we are featuring Nicholas Millan, one of Nectar Collectives star employees:



How long have you been involved in the cannabis industry and how did you get your foot in the door?

I’ve been involved in and active with the Cannabis industry for 2 years and 1 month now and I got involved by attending the events such as High Times cups and Hemp Cons with a good friend of mine Luis Barrios and my girlfriend at the time Alix Thierry. We attended 3 events together and then met the owners of a company called Nectars Collective who picked us out of a crowd because they were attracted to our energy and communication skills they saw us display the first day of 3 and Hempcon, and asked us if we would be interested in advertising product and sampling dabs to people walking by and we agreed of course!! We eventually moved out to the Bay Area and near them and continued working with them for about a year.


What’s the most exciting aspect of working in the cannabis industry?

The most exciting thing for me about being part of such an incredible industry is getting to see the products we all produce have such a positive impact on its consumers and how we’re all able to join each other on this new journey of healing and ease.

Do you feel folks of color are at a disadvantage?

Do I feel as though folks of color are at a disadvantage in the medical marijuana industry? Absolutely not, marijuana has advantages and opportunity for every man. In life, however, I do believe that (people) of color experience many disadvantages, from my perspective, and what I’ve seen in my life growing up. But I do believe times are changing and I strongly believe in unity so I’m looking forward to a better tomorrow for us all.

What do you envision for the future of the cannabis industry?

I see quite a bit of explosive growth for this industry but I also sense intense control schemes and regulations that may not be so pleasant.For instance, if there are genetically modified crops grown by “the man” who knows what kind of different dangers in health and economy that could stir up.

What are some of your favorite hobbies? / What do you do “for fun”?

I love to travel and see new faces as often as I’m able to. Something about seeing people I’ve never seen before and knowing I may never see that same face again infatuates me. Cooking and eating with people I love is also another hobby of mine, I love finding out new ways to cook foods I like or have never tried and enjoying it with good company, I cannot wait to have my own restaurant one day!

How does medical marijuana personally benefit you?

For me personally, marijuana helps a lot with nerve damage from a leg injury when I was younger, easing my lower back problems and calming muscle spasms when they get so intense that I can’t walk upright and even breathing is painful. They don’t happen all that often but when it does come around I’m very thankful that I have a natural way of keeping my body functional and virtually pain-free!

Indica or Sativa? What’s your favorite way of consuming the wacky tobacky?

I would have to say that my preference is Indica, mainly because it’s more of a calming agent and is extremely helpful for sleeeeep!! Rolling joints and/or blunts has to be my favorite way to consume, I love breaking the herbs down with my fingers and shaping it into the perfect little bat to smoke with my people!


Favorite Song to Smoke to?

My favorite toke tune would probably have to be Rootz Underground- Herb Field! Those guys are an amazing energy filled group of rad dudes from Jamaica that I had the blessing of spending weeks with through working in this fine industry and it was all laughs and spliffs. I even had the opportunity to see them perform live with Alix and we were allowed to hang out with them backstage during their set breaks, that was definitely a night to remember.

If you could smoke with one person (dead or alive) who would you choose and why?

If I could choose just one person to smoke with and it could be anyone, I’d absolutely have to go with whichever ancestor of mine that smoked pot first, so that I can learn about where I came from and who put the love for the plant in my genes.

If recreational cannabis is legalized in California in November, what effects do you feel it will have on the industry as a whole?

If recreational use of Cannabis is legalized here in Cali soon I think it could be one of the biggest burst of production this industry will see during this start-up phase!! California is where the majority of the world’s finest herbs and products come from and we have the perfect climates for continuing to do so. Everyone and their grandmas will be producing and I think it would be a beautiful thing to see!

Where can people find you?

YouTube: GetHighWithMe: https://youtu.be/TdPyDqlbnac

Email: GetHighWithMe420710@gmail.com

Instagram: @GetHighWithMe420710

SnapChat: Nico_Suav

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