Ganja Game Changer for 2016: The Apothecarry Case

If you’re anything like me your marijuana storage habits have not changed much from your college or high school days. Sure you may have graduated from using an old shoebox or crusty coffee can to Mason Jars and such, but I’m fairly confident many of you have stashes that look somewhat similar to mine:

Like a kit for a weed junkie

What you have pictured above is the most unnecessarily vile marijuana storage kit for a weed smoker ever. But beyond that, the wear and tear the thing has taken is downright embarrassing.

Every week it’s hurriedly tossed into some dark recess of my broom closet so my Latina mother-in-law won’t see it and whip her slipper at me:

What I’m always expecting

And my grinder. My grinder has herpes. Leprous sores. Bubonic plague:

Just kill it please

Unfortunately for me, the implications for storing my weed this way are huge. This is in large part due to fact that the way you store your ganja plays a major role in how well your herb maintains its freshness, potency, and quality. Ultimately it all has a direct bearing on the quality of your smoke sessions.

Thanks to the new Apothecarry case, however, all this is about to change:

Apothecarry was started by 36-year-old Whitney Beatty, a  TV executive and mother who never saw herself as a “stoner.”

Raised like me in the age of Regan and Just Say No she never touched marijuana until her senior year of college.  After being diagnosed with anxiety, she extensively researched the benefits of cannabis, shook off the years of stigma and decided to give it a go.

As her knowledge of cannabis expanded, she became a proponent of the herb, but still didn’t identify with prevailing weed culture perpetuated in the media.

When she began to meet more like minded cannabis users, some common challenges began to arise.

She noticed people were looking for a way to securely and discreetly store and secure their buds away from their kids and pets. They were tired of searching around for their stash just to discover it dried out from plastic baggies and non-airtight dispensary jars. People were also tired of their stash looking, well, dirty. This is when Beatty had that ah-ha moment.


“Ounce for ounce weed is the most expensive thing most of us buy, but we end up wasting a lot of our money by coming home and putting it in a plastic bag or a shoe box,” says  Beatty.

“Basically, we’re taking all this good stuff and turning it into bad stuff because we’re not storing it right. There are a lot of benefits to smoking the bud your grower intended, and that’s why we invented the Apothecarry Case.”

The Apothecarry Case comes decked out with pretty much everything a pot smoker could ever need. As far as I can see it’s certainly got everything I need.

You’ve got your air-tight humidity jars for storing your bud:


You’ve got food grade dab jars that are so portable you could probably smuggle diamonds in them:


You’ve got elastic straps for securing your oils, vaporizers and a myriad of other accessories:


You’ve got a rolling tray and grinder (must have):




And lastly a removable storage section for your rolling papers and other paraphernalia, as well as those pesky lighters with dementia that enjoy wandering off at night:



But that’s not all folks (yes I know some of you have already climaxed but it gets better). The Appothecarry also takes care of the problem of odors.

What odors do you say? Well, the ones that emanate from your bomb ass weed my friend. The Appothecarry stores all these awe-inspiring gadgets into a specially built humidor, designed to maintain freshness and avoid cross-contamination:



The finishing touch is a highly secure dual combination and key locking system to ensure that your stash stays secure and most of all discreet.


Your face after you smoke, however? Well nothing will be discreet about that:

Although the Apothecarry Case isn’t yet available for retail—you can still only place a pre-order through the company’s Indiegogo page—there are less than 15 days left to get the case as cheap as it’s ever going to be, $75 off MSRP.

Image result for apothecarry case


“I think of the stigma around smoking and I think it’s ridiculous,” Beatty says. “Everyone knows someone who smokes—everyone probably knows tons of people who smoke and they’re just not talking about it.”

“Marijuana isn’t counter-cultural anymore; it’s becoming mainstream. Cannabis has grown up and we should too.”


Order Your Apothecarry Here 

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