Is Recreational Marijuana Safe For You?

There has been a lot of buzz about more states wanting to allow for the sale of recreational marijuana.  While non-supporters have been able to get on board with medical marijuana, now they have questions.  The biggest question being, is recreational marijuana safe?  Perhaps it is easier for people to understand the need for cannabis being used as medical treatment.  However, does recreational marijuana have a different effect on the areas where it is sold?  Whether you like to get your cannabis online or visit one of the dispensaries in my town of Santa Monica, people want to know that they are safe.  Here is everything you need to know about recreational marijuana and how it may affect you.


Recreational Marijuana vs. Medical Marijuana

While there are not many differences between recreational marijuana and medical marijuana, there are some things to keep in mind.  Here is what we found out in regards to the subtle differences between the two:

  • Chemical levels

The main difference between the two is that amount of THC and CBD that you will find in each product.  This is because CBD is most commonly used to treat medical problems.  CBD works directly with the pain receptors in your brain.  This means if you use a product that is mainly CBD you will get the body high but not the brain high.  THC is where the cerebral properties can be found.  This will give you the strong head high which is often combined with euphoria.  Some people even say that THC can have strong psychedelic properties.  However, this doesn’t mean that people don’t use CBD recreationally either.  This is especially true for people who use CBD as a social drug to help them relax.

  • Choice

One thing that recreational marijuana offers is choice.  Medical marijuana is used to treat a large number of ailments, however, what about those who have no medical need?  Some argue that these people shouldn’t be denied marijuana just because their health is good.  Why shouldn’t someone who is looking for a social drug be denied to legally order cannabis online?  This is especially true when you consider that cannabis is less dangerous than other social drugs.  Even alcohol does more damage to your system.

  • Access

The number one question people have when it comes to the safety of recreational marijuana is how do they get it?  With medical marijuana, you would need an MMJ card that comes partnered with a doctor’s recommendation.  You don’t need to jump through the same hoops in order to obtain recreational marijuana legally.  However, with recreational marijuana being much easier to access, people worry about it falling into the wrong hands.  More specifically, will children be able to easily obtain the drug?  While this fear is a correct one, the research does not support it.  A child would not be able to walk into one of my dispensaries in Santa Monica and get a joint.  Customers will still have to be of legal age and also will have to follow the state’s regulations.


Does Recreational Marijuana Harm the Community?

The best way to know if recreational marijuana will negatively affect your community is to look at other communities that have recreational cannabis.  This isn’t to say that there haven’t been problems, there has certainly been a learning curve.  However, the most important thing to consider is how marijuana may be affecting addiction.  When you compare marijuana to other vices, marijuana is far less dangerous.  In America alone, there are over 400,000 tobacco deaths, 100,000 alcohol deaths and 20,000 prescription drug overdoses a year.  When it comes to cannabis, there have been zero deaths.  That should be enough to help ease the minds of skeptics.

Another concern about cannabis when it comes to society is how legalization will impact crime.  With recreational sales of marijuana being legalized, there will be no need for street sales of cannabis.  This means that people will be less likely to obtain dangerous synthetic marijuana that is found in the streets.  As far as violent crime goes, states that have decriminalized marijuana have seen a major positive change.  With crime being down and moral being high, it is okay to say that recreational marijuana is indeed safe.  Even seemingly dangerous situations like trying to order cannabis online have been deemed to be safe.  This is of course as long as it is done through a certified dealer like the online dispensaries in Santa Monica.


Final Thoughts 

Is recreational marijuana safe?  Yes.  But, more importantly, it is actually beneficial?  Recreational marijuana has given people options.  Safer options other than alcohol and opioids for people who are looking for a good time.  While this argument may seem mundane, it isn’t a new one.  It wasn’t too long ago that America was in the same boat as far as legalization goes.  There was a time during prohibition that alcohol was deemed unsafe for consumption.  We all know that that didn’t last long.  Research shows that cannabis is far less dangerous than alcohol.  So, isn’t it time we all stop being so hypocritical?  So, get out there and get some legal recreational marijuana.  Whether you order cannabis online or prefer to visit one of the fancy dispensaries out here in Santa Monica, you are covered.  More importantly, you are safe.  Good luck.