How you Can Start a CBD Business as a Private Label Partner

Many manufacturers of CBD products have launched private label programs which they provide CBD products to be sold under the brand name and logo of the retailer. This is essentially how you can start a CBD business as a private label partner.

When you, the retailer, sign up with a manufacturer as a private label partner, you instantly get access to products manufactured by a production process that is unique because of the manufacture’s industry expertise. This helps retailers instantly tap into the booming and rapidly growing CBD products market.  It also helps develop and build your private label and a customer base that is loyal to it.

When you enter into a private label partnership, you get a wholesale price for the products that you purchase for further retailing. The wholesale price can vary but usually, these are 50 to 75% cheaper than the retail price. Usually, the manufacturer would fix a minimum order for its private-label partners. This can be the total cost of the order, for example, a minimum of $2500, or the number of units of selected CBD products, such as a lot of 50 or 100 pieces. 

Under a private label program, the manufacturer also takes the responsibility of making the labels and logo and using the company colors. This practically takes the process of developing successful products off your mind, allowing you to focus on scaling your business. 

Benefits of Private Label Partnership 

  • You get your label of products
  • High-quality label designing
  • Great price benefits on premium products
  • Broad-spectrum THC-free CBD oil
  • Proprietary & unique formulas
  • High efficacy & bioavailability
  • Products made with organic ingredients
  • Safety & consistency
  • QR codes & lab testing
  • Easy procurement process
  • High-class customer care service
  • Educational events & videos
  • Regular addition of new products
  • Close-out programs

Joining a Private Label Program 

It is very easy to join a private label program with a CBD product manufacturer. There are some simple steps to follow. For the benefit of our readers, we are listing the likely steps you will have to take: 

  1. Complete an online form to join a private label program
  2. Provide the details of your company’s colors and logo
  3. Choose from the artworks you receive from the manufacturer

There are a range of benefits in CBD products that make them such a hot business idea. Here are some reasons why you should have your own private label of CBD products: 

THC Free


THC is the ingredient in cannabis that makes it psychoactive. However, the industrial use of cannabis can reduce the THC content and can make use of other bioactive substances such as CBD. Most CBD products have little or no THC. 

Broad Spectrum


CBD products contain some of the best cannabinoids and other useful ingredients present in the cannabis plant. These products have more than just the CBD isolate. They contain multiple cannabinoids that bring the synergistic impact of working together.



Of all the CBD products, its oil is the most popular item. It is used in a variety of ways to boost stamina and overall well being. Most prestigious brands try to maintain consistency in the hemp oil they produce. For this, they try to use the same extraction facility and process so that the resultant oil is effective, reliable and predictable. 

Essentia Pura 


Essentia Pura is one of the most reputed brands supplying a complete range of CBD products. The company has a dedicated production facility and is an expert in the extraction process. Many companies and individuals bring their harvest to Essentia Pura’s state-of-art production facility for the extraction of oil and other bioactive ingredients. It is one of the most reputed wholesale suppliers of CBD products in Europe. It also offers white label and private label partnerships to those who want to get into the exciting business of CBD products without getting into actual production.

Essentia Pura has one of the most advanced labs to carry out all kinds of extraction research and provide high-value data analytics. It offers lab testing and R&D facilities for the identification and segregation of biodynamic agents in different herbs, spices, CBD oil, and medicinal plants. 

Final thoughts 

CBD private label partnerships are the latest trend in the CBP products business. Essential Pura is a leading manufacturer and supplier of white label and private label CBD products. This makes it easy for small businesses to tap into the craze for CBD products without requiring them to get into the production and labeling aspects of the business.