How To Use Your CBD Vape Cartridges Correctly?

In the world of technology, people are moving towards modern ways of consuming natural supplements. With traditional and cultural options facing a significant withdrawal from the market in recent years, it is about time to experience a switch. Earlier, people used to consume excessive amounts of nicotine and tobacco and resorted to smoking to fulfill their tempting sensations. Now, with CBD oil’s availability and vape’s never-ending popularity, users have combined them both for a blissful yet soothing experience.

Furthermore, selecting the right method to consume CBD is no less than a challenge. Some of the ways and types are tinctures, oils, topicals, and edibles that make it difficult for people to select and administer. However, CBD vape pens have made it easier for users worldwide to consume the natural supplement without hassle. You can easily opt for a vape pen, fill it with CBD oil, and vape. All you need to do is put the oil in the right cartridge. Doing this will give you the best mouth to lung vape kit experience.

A vape cartridge is a special chamber designed to hold and help you to vape. Also, it comes in various sizes, shapes, and forms, which further depends on the vape pen. So, let’s jump in and understand what a vape cartridge is, how is it different from pods and how to use your CBD vape cartridge correctly.

Cartridges and Pods

Vaping communities are not only rising, but also becoming prevalent. There’s no doubt why people consider vaping the most suitable and fashionable way to experience the essence and effects of cannabis extracts and compounds. Amid everything, pods and cartridges are the most famous vaping systems available on the market. Typically, you will find pre-filled vape cartridges on the market. Not only are they convenient enough for a user, but they have also gone through a tremendous amount of upgrades in recent years.

Even though they are pioneers of the vaping industry, pods entered the cannabis market explosively. Pods introduced rare options like the flexibility to utilize CBD e-liquid. Such a scenario attracted an unmatched response and interest. With pods, you can conveniently reuse and refill and have a relatively bigger capacity, which adds to its cost-cutting advantages. 

How to use a cartridge?

The very first step is to pull out the device from the vaping kit safely.

  • First, remove the CBD vape cartridge from the packaging.
  • Now twist the cartridge’s mouthpiece.
  • Take off the vape juice’s cap and pour the juice into your vape cartridge till it is full.
  • Post that, replace the mouthpiece.
  • If you tend to use the cartridge with different vape rigs, follow specific instructions given on the rig on how to attach the cartridge.
  • How long does it last?

The duration and capacity depend on how much you vape. Various CBD cartridges have different capacities that depend on brand to brand. If you happen to blow massive clouds and take big hits, 1ml of the vape juice will not last more than one day. You can also closely monitor how long the CBD cartridge usually lasts. For that, take a note of your vaping habits. Some of the cartridges are durable and can hold up for years. 

How to know if the CBD cartridge is turned on?

It depends on the rig you are using. Several indicators allow you to notice whether or not you can start inhaling. With quality vape kits, all you have to do is press the button on the sides to turn the cartridge on. Some vape kits also have a light that indicates the status of your cartridge. Every vape cartridge provides a different indicator so these signs might vary. Since the vape cartridge does not have any electronic parts, it does not indicate the ‘on’ and ‘off’ status. As a result, you aren’t required to charge your cartridge. 

Points to remember

Since there are several varieties available on the market, know that quality CBD vape cartridges will satisfy stated following elements:

  • Battery usage with specific wattages
  • Can work along with vape pens of 510 thread
  • Come with ceramic coils or a cotton wick
  • You can activate automatically or manually while accommodating the device
  • Incorporate temperature control features
  • Pre Filled CBD liquid
  • Pocket-friendly and sizeable


Cartridges are considered as one of the best designs that have worked in revolutionizing CBD intake. Their convenience is outstanding and unrivaled, increasing CBD’s bioavailability. This makes a user invest comparatively less on CBD oils for daily doses. The general rule is that you need to consider several other factors while determining the vape amount. Even though you find pods a lot similar and efficient to cartridges, know that the latter is ideal for long-term use.