How to Use a Cannabis Vape Pen

Vaping as an alternative to traditional smoking has taken over the world not only with cigarettes but also with marijuana. However, this consumption method has been targeted due to the unknown lung illness breakout. As a consequence, vaping has been banned in several regions across the world and the U.S. In this article we’ll focus on how to use a cannabis vape pen, the best consumption methods and what you should be on the lookout for when shopping for a vape pen. 

What Are Vaporizers? Where Should you Begin? 


If you’re wondering why should you switch to a cannabis vape, consider this introduction for your final decision. Vaporizers can be a healthier alternative for a smoking habit, but just make sure you keep it as natural and as smoke-free as possible.

Dry herb devices are made to provide a combustion-free and more natural way to consume your herbs, all of this comes from the theory of not inhaling the burnt plant matter when vaping, but to slowly and accurately inhaling the properties released by it when doing so.

Vaping Risks and Presumed Causes

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Cannabis vaping was initially deemed as safe but black-market oils and THC blends are often a choice among users.

Vaporizer enthusiasts often claim that the blame should fall in the shadier users, but it is too soon to have a scientific verdict on the subject.

Nevertheless, it has been proven that constant and large smoke consumption does imply carcinogen substances going in their body, so one way or another vaping is never truly free of risks.

On another hand, THC oils and essences are also not the healthiest alternatives to consume cannabis with a vaporizer.

Also, please refrain from mixing traditional E-liquids with THC infused oils, homemade or bought– this shouldn’t be done under any circumstances. This latter warning is one of the presumed causes for the rare lung disease, as a notorious majority of the patients have reportedly consumed these blends, essences, etc.… mainly THC related.

Keep in consideration that among the leading causes, abuse of the substance is front and center due to large smoke consumption.

On the brightside, there are some certified “healthier” alternatives to vape cannabis that will be covered later on in the article.

Vaping Cannabis for Beginners


Those who are looking into vapes as a designated method to consume marijuana should take into consideration the risks of processed products mentioned above.

However, the most recommendable device and method would be those of dry herbs, as they are essentially smokeless, thus reducing health risks in the long term.

On another hand, burning the cannabis flower directly reduces the carcinogen agents that the smoke could induce in your body.

Try avoiding the newly risen into popularity THC infused products for this.

How do I get high when vaping cannabis?

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Smokeless or reduced smoke methods work more directly and discreetly.

For traditional smokers the effects may not be as potent, it escalates similarly to when consumed in a bong, but it is inherently a steady and well-balanced effect, overall there are no major differences other than the initial hit effect.

For some people, it may take longer than usual for the effects to kick in and it may prove a gentler experience.

Types of Vaporizers

Table Top Vaporizers 

This can be considered as the cannabis lover house appliance, it is not designed to be portable but to provide you with the ultimate cannabis experience.

It involves heat settings for whichever type of marijuana flower you want to consume and on occasion breath in. These settings are built-in so you can make the best out of your flower’s terpenes and cannabinoids, you just need to consult your local provider and you’re set to make the best out of them.

Dry Herb or Flowers 

These are portable, handheld and simple use vapes, it can consist of 2 chambers, one for water and one for the flower. Most of the time is just a chamber for your bud. 

Its main function is to heat the herb without carbonization, thus providing a cleaner and healthier experience.

Note: These are the two recommended devices to enjoy a riskless experience, other methods often involve oils and essences that may be connected to lung disease. 

Smoking Vs Vaping 

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Traditional joint smoking consists of a more enjoyable ritual overall, however, the paper and its combustion often leave a skunky scent, and may increase the risk of long-term disease due to the residues of paper and other substances that may be found in industrial flowers.

However, natural herbs tend to be more risk-free but certain alternatives may prove more discreet or enhancing a more balanced high.

For this purposes Dry herb vaporizers are ideal, it provides a similar ritual and a more naturalized environment which can prove handy if discretion is crucial.

It would be advisable for you to seek a healthier alternative that may fill up your needs and desires as a consumer, but overall the more natural, the better.

Vaporizers may prove better for those who seek a break or a more controlled experience after smoking cannabis. Ultimately it’s your choice!


Vaping does offer a more risk-free alternative to cannabis consumers, but only when doing so more moderately and naturally: Not mixing with E-liquids or black market products, keeping a dry herb device usage and not abusing the substance consumed.