How To Make Money as a Nugg Ambassador

We’ve already covered how easy it is for you to start making money while doing something you and I both enjoy. A lot. And if you live in a state like mine, highly motivated, then you might just find the Nugg Ambassador program is just what you need to start making passive income a reality outside of clickbait YouTube videos.

It’s ridiculously easy to sign up and get started, and just as easy to make money. All you need is a laptop or smartphone and the ability to promote your promo code once accepted into the program. To be accepted you need to be 21 years or older or a valid Medical Marijuana cardholder and a resident of California. Doesn’t matter if you have priors, if you’ve never held a job in your life or live in your grandmother’s basement. All gumption is welcome, granted you’ve got some.


When I first began the Nugg Ambassador Program it wasn’t without its controversy. I was getting tons of signups but no conversions. It got to the point where I thought the entire thing was a well-orchestrated sham to get traffic to their store with no intention of ever paying the people who got them in the door in the first place, similar to my experience with the Megatoke affiliate program. So I did what most passive-aggressive marketers do, I sent a sternly worded email, to which I thought I would never receive a reply.

Speaking of shams, if you want a prime example of a cannabis ambassador program that has screwed their ambassadors from here to the Emerald City look no further than the now-defunct Greendoor Ambassador Program. At one point they were my favorite, and I mean my favorite, ambassador program to promote. With their $20 payout every time someone signed up under your promo code plus an additional $2 every time they made a subsequent purchase they were simply the cow’s meow. Until they stopped paying. And stopped answering emails, and generally just stopped…existing.

Thankfully, the Nugg Ambassador Program did answer my initial emails, and ever since I have been making a steady (although less than Eaze) stream of passive income just by having someone click on my link.

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If you’re interested in joining the Nugg Ambassador Program and earning some extra money just by steering people towards weed then follow the steps below:

How Does the Promo Code Work?

  • Once an individual signs up at they can enter a promo code in the side menu to receive a $20 credit towards their first order. The code is NOT case sensitive. There will be green text confirming the code was correctly applied (and that $20 in credit was added to their account!)
  • This code will not work with other invite promo codes
  • The maximum amount of credits to have per order is $20
  • If your signup has issues applying, they should email Someone will respond to fix the issue within 30 minutes, which I can vouch for

How Does an Ambassador Make Money?

There are two ways:

  1. Refer People: You share your promo code (or invite link) with people and Nugg will pay you $10 for each person that signs up with your code and places an order. You get paid once every two weeks via PayPal. Unfortunately for some a PayPal account is required to get paid. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can easily create one for free. Once you have signed up you can link your bank to PayPal account and route your money to your account that way.
  2. Refer Ambassadors: Get a $50 bonus for each new Ambassador you sign up once they hit 5 code activations.

What Are You Expected to Do as an Ambassador?

Spread the word and sign people up for Nugg! It’s just that simple. The more you are out there, the more you will get paid. You can als set up strategic meetings with potential partners and Nugg will compensate you accordingly. Basically, help Nugg grpw and Nugg will make sure you are compensated.

Can you Order Promo Cards?

  • Yup, you can order custom promo cards and other marketing materials on Nuggs Vistaprint Portal

Where are the Best Places to Promote?

Some good places to promote are:

  • Marijuana Clinics or Evaluations Centers
  • Dispensaries
  • Cannabis-related events
  • Bars, Clubs, Musical Festivals & Events
  • Cannabis Friendly Meetups and Groups
  • Parks, Sporting Events, Beaches

My favorite platform to promote my Nugg link is through my various blogs. However, you can also use your Nugg link in your IG, Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook bio, potentially putting more eyes on your promo.

Where Does Nugg Deliver?

Good question. As of 2020 Nugg delivers to:

  • Los Angeles County
  • San Francisco
  • Orange County
  • San Diego County
  • Inland Empire

To find out if Nugg delivers to your region, go to and enter your zipcode or address in the “address” bar on top of the page.

How Do I Find Out If People Used My Code?

  • You can track your earnings in real-time from your Ambassador Portal dashboard at To access the Ambassador Portal click “Ambassador” in the left-hand menu. In the “Referrals” tab you will find your referral numbers and earnings are broken down by the promo code, as well as the total amounts of your payouts.

Keep in mind that top ambassadors can earn up to $500 per week. I found one platform (this website) to promote the hell out of my promo code and made a few bucks, but you can easily find multiple platforms to promote yours, increasing your commissions exponentially. Also, don’t think you need to keep this online. Tell your coworkers, your friends, your acquaintances, that one aunt that everyone thinks is cool but your mom can’t really stand–tell everyone you can, even an undercover cop because I guarantee even they like a good deal.


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