How to Find High-Quality Weed from Dispensaries

Going to a marijuana dispensary can be great resource when it comes to buying high-quality weed. Check out this guide on how to choose and buy from dispensaries in your area.

Whether you are shopping for medical or recreational cannab– you want to make sure that you purchase the highest quality weed available. Sometimes it may be obvious that a particular product is of good quality based on its looks, aroma and the way it makes you feel. Other times, quality is less clear.

Identifying excellent cannabis is a skill that can be taught and learned. If you want to ensure that you come home with high-quality weed every time you visit a dispensary–read on for some great tips.

Visit Reputable Dispensaries

In some states, such as California, there is a dispensary on almost every corner. You could pick one at random; that’s what a lot of people do. However, a smart consumer knows dispensaries can differ immensely in quality, cost, customer service and in other ways, and that choosing the best of the best is crucial.

Often, users can get suggestions from their friends, but some people have no one to ask. If asking someone for a recommendation seems daunting to you, luckily there are many online resources that can help. Leafly, Weedmaps and other similar websites list local dispensaries, products they offer and reviews from other consumers that can help you along the way.

When you arrive, get a feel for the place. You should not feel rushed. Reputable dispensaries like MMJ America, for example, will make you feel right at home, not like you are a burden or annoyance.

Know What You Want

If you are intimidated by the idea of walking into a dispensary, you may want to walk in and ask for whatever the budtender recommends. In some cases, this will work out great for you, but it isn’t personalized to you.

Budtenders are trained professionals who want to give you the highest quality weed for your situation, but they need some information from you, too. Do you like sativas, indicas or hybrids? Do you want to do work after smoking, go for a run, go to sleep, or just sit back on the couch and watch some Netflix?

Knowing the answers to these questions in advance will be very helpful when entering the dispensary, and will help your budtender find what’s right for you.

Know What to Look For

There are three things a consumer should look for when shopping for high-quality weed. Appearance is one important factor. Buds should be firm and lush and a little sparkly. The sparkles on the cannabis are trichomes and are what gets the user high.

Structure is another important factor. Buds should be dense and no actual leaves should be visible. It should also not be dry; moist buds tend to be fresher.

The final important factor is smell. Cannabis strains can smell quite different from one another, but the one smell you want to avoid is a smell of hay. If the cannabis smells like hay, it was not cured well and will like have little effect.

Ask Questions

Budtenders are trained to know everything about the cannabis they sell. They are also encouraged to learn as much as they can about the customers they serve. They will ask you questions, and they expect you to ask questions as well. 

Do not be afraid to ask questions. You can ask about the cultivation of the cannabis that is offered, the effects of the different strains and about the different types of products the dispensary carries. If you enjoyed a certain product in the past, you can ask if they have any in stock, and if not, you can ask if they have anything similar for sale.

The people working at the dispensary are there to serve you and welcome your questions. Do not hesitate to ask.

How to Find High-Quality Weed: Happy Shopping

If you apply these four strategies to your dispensary shopping trip, you will end up a happy customer. If you want to return from the store with some high-quality weed, be sure to ask questions, know what to look for, know what you want, and visit a reputable dispensary.