How to Choose the Right CBD Oil For You

As there is an overwhelming number of CBD oil products from different makers available to date, it can be quite challenging to find the best one to invest in. 

If you have no clue how to choose the right CBD oil for your needs, this guideline can help you narrow down your options so you know how to choose the right CBD oil for you. 


Know Where the manufacturer Grows its Hemp

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The location of the hemp farm plays a vital role in terms of the overall quality of the CBD oil. Keep in mind that trustworthy manufacturers disclose this kind of information, thus always make sure to look into it.

Hemp grown in nutrient-rich soil tends to produce more potent CBD oil. The UK and North America are two of the most ideal hemp farm locations as they both have introduced environmental regulations and legal measures such as the Farm Bill which ensures compliance with product quality assurance. Reputed brands such as ThoughCloud,Elixinol and DrGanja clearly disclose about this aspect.


Check for the Extraction Process of CBD

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Just like the hemp’s growth location, the extraction of CBD from the plant also plays a crucial role in the overall quality and condition of the oil. 

CO2 extraction is regarded as the best extraction method as it tends to generate the most potent CBD. This method involves subjecting CO2 under strong levels of pressure. Even though there are a number of other CBD extraction methods, CO2 extraction produces the best CBD yield. CBD companies that utilize this extraction method are CBDistillery, Diamond CBD and others. 


Check the THC Levels



Knowing the THC levels of your CBD oil is extremely important, especially if your workplace conducts mandatory drug tests. The majority of CBD oils on the market contain less than 0.3% THC content. 

However, when buying CBD oil, make sure it clearly indicates less than 03.% content. Anything more than this level will result in a failed drug test as THC is considered a psychoactive compound. 


Choose Proper Concentration 



The CBD oil concentration you should choose depends on your needs. Most CBD oil products’ content is listed in milligrams and you can purchase products with CBD oil content ranging from 250ml to 1,000ml.

For severe or chronic medical ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis, a product with a higher dose is recommended. On the other hand, for pain relief purposes, a concentration of at least 250ml is what you need to look for. 


Full-Spectrum Versus Isolate



CBD oil comes in two varietiesfull-spectrum and isolate. Based on scientific studies, full-spectrum CBD oil generally offers more advantages over isolate. Isolate only contains one compound while on the other hand, the full-spectrum consists of multiple active ingredients.

Moreover, it is reported that full-spectrum has more potential adverse effects but it is relatively uncommon.  


Choose an Additive-Free CBD oil



CBD oil doesn’t require additives and it must only contain its main components. If you are looking for a flavored CBD oil, make sure to only choose one with naturally added ingredients such as essential oils. 

Buying CBD oil with unhealthy additives defeats the purpose of the wonders and benefits the product has to offer. So, when buying one, always make sure to look at the ingredients label first. 


Ensure Quality Guarantee


Reputable CBD oil manufacturers are dedicated to producing premium-quality products. They stand firm with their words and are fully transparent when it comes to the possible issues that may arise regarding their products. 

It is always ideal to purchase from a manufacturer that offers product returns or a money-back guarantee. These policies depict manufacturer’s commitment and confidence in their products. 


Check for Laboratory Accreditations

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Another important factor you must remember when shopping for CBD oil is the laboratory accreditations. CBD oils that are tested in certified laboratories are guaranteed to be effective and reliable. This also ensures that the product doesn’t contain heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, and other harmful contents. The manufacturer must provide customers with a written lab accreditation guarantee.


Before buying CBD oil, the first thing you have to take into account is your purpose for buying and using it. In addition to this, the buying guide mentioned above will help you get your money’s worth.