How to Become a Budtender

A Budtender is a unique job in the cannabis retail world,  as being able to sell medical and recreational cannabis product to somebody is an art. The Budtender is often the most rewarding job in a cannabis dispensary because they build direct relationships with patients and are on the front line– they are the first faces you see when entering a dispensary.

Budtender positions are very sought-after, simply applying and handing out a CV to a manager wont cut it. You will need to stand out from the crowd and prove your wealth of knowledge to the manager or boss.

What are the benefits of being a Budtender?

Let’s discuss some benefits:

  • You can talk about Cannabis to those who love Cannabis all day long.
  • You learn about and try new products and strains before anybody else.
  • You educate consumers about the greatest natural plant on the planet.
  • You’ll work in one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.
  • You’ll earn a good wage and have fun whilst earning ($31,000 – $42,000 annually).

As Cannabis starts to be legalized across the world, people now have the opportunity to take their hobby (smoking cannabis) and become Budtenders and be with others who enjoy the same hobby.

Prepare for the Interview

The best way to become a Budtender is to start by picking out a couple of dispensaries you want to work for. You can go through a recruitment agency or simply visit the dispensary directly.

Use the dispensary website to your advantage, study the companies ethos and products, this should give you an advantage during interview stages. You should be an expert on most of the dispensary products as you will need to demonstrate to them that you have sufficient knowledge of their products. This will save them time during staff training – and they will appreciate it!


List everything on your resume, don’t worry if it’s too long. You will want to detail as many past experiences as possible. Don’t forget to mention any certifications or licenses you have gained. Training’s or Certifications in Retail, Customer Service or Horticulture go a long way.

Didn’t get the Job? Start from the Bottom

Budtender’s are in huge demand as Medical Cannabis Prescriptions are on the increase. This means companies are employing Budtenders at very high rates while also maintaining the need for quality Budtenders.

You may not have enough experience for a cannabis company to employ you,  but don’t let this discourage you. Try starting from the bottom and applying for a position in the same dispensary doing deliveries or working the reception area. This will help increase your experience. After a year or two you should have adequate experience for them to take you on as a Budtender.