How to Beat a Saliva Drug Test

Legal weed has elicited increased drug testing due to the growing number of people driving while impaired or under the influence. Additionally a large number of employers subject their employees to regular drug screening in a bid to maintain sobriety at work.

Due to the increased use of cannabis, law enforcement agencies and lawmakers are looking to curb the habit of driving under the influence by exploring the idea of using on-site drug tests. We will explore ways for you to beat your next saliva drug test and hopefully remain a functioning and productive member of society.

If quitting the use of marijuana is out of the question, then you need to know how to beat a saliva drug test by keeping your mouth clean from cannabis. 

What do mouth swab tests look for?

Keep in mind that THC does not stay in your saliva for a long time. In fact, traces of THC metabolites leaving your system from the salivary glands will not be detected by swab tests, as they are designed to look for only activated THC inside your mouth. What this means is that such tests detect only the recent use of cannabis.

How do you keep your saliva clean from marijuana?

Check out the following tips to aid you in staying out of trouble with your boss and the authorities after an enjoyable cannabis experience. 

  • Bear in mind that the detection window of saliva drug tests is short, it is wise to avoid using cannabis several days before testing. If you have to use marijuana, consider consuming edibles since they have a lower detection risk compared to smoking.
  • There’s no better technique to avoid detection than abstaining from the drug for several days. Also, with new tests being developed with the ability to detect low THC levels, taking chances may not be a good idea.

What Should You Do When You Have Several Hours to Spare Before Testing?

In case you have several hours to spare before the dreaded drug test, make sure you take a lot of fluids. For instance, take a lot of water and swish it around the same way you do with your regular mouthwash. Water not only aids in lubricating the mouth but also eliminates the debris left in your mouth after smoking weed.  Also, brushing your teeth thoroughly and using a non-alcoholic mouthwash can come in handy.

Aside from drinking water, try eating fatty foods. The reason is that THC quickly bonds with fat. As such, foods that are rich in fat can aid in getting rid of the remaining THC in your mouth and saliva, allowing you to pass a mouth swab test.

What Should You Do When it’s a Surprise Drug Test?

So what happens when there’s no warning of a drug test at a police checkpoint or workplace? Such an instance requires a fast solution to avoid detection, for example adulteration. 

Adulteration entails the act of reducing the quality of a given substance by adding another element or what is known as an adulterant. In this case, such chemicals help in interfering with the effectiveness of drug tests. Newer drug tests are still being developed to combat known and working adulterants. Nevertheless, hydrogen peroxide stands out as the ideal adulterant for beating mouth swab tests. Put some in your mouth and swirl it around vigorously (enough to dilute your saliva).

Luckily, there are products, including detox mouthwash and chewing gums that can help you fool a saliva drug test.  Get these ingenious products and carry them around in your car’s glove compartment or office desk just in case a mouth swab drug test comes your way. Such mouthwash products and chewing gums are designed to keep your saliva clean for a short time (about 30 minutes), which is more than enough time to complete a drug test.

Final thoughts

By now, it is clear that beating the much-feared mouth swab tests for cannabis is easy. Aside from having the ability to detect THC content in the saliva only for a short duration, numerous techniques can be employed to fool them. Whether you have several hours to prepare or you’re caught unaware, there’s no need to panic. Stock the necessary chewing gum or detox mouthwash products in your car for use during time-sensitive cases, especially where beating your next drug test is crucial.

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