How One Mom Uses Cannabis to Bond with Her Daughters

Throughout 2018 we will be teaming up with LA clinician Doctor Frank to feature women entrepreneurs, writers, artists, and personalities who are changing the face and tone of the typically male-dominated cannabis industry. In this post we’re highlighting Celia Beharmother of two, blogger, and life coach who helps other others moms struggling with the chronic provocations of child rearing.

Behar is the co-creator  (or co mama-guru depending on who you ask) of The Lil’ Mamas, a blog that speaks to the varied yet similar experiences all mothers face; the highs, the lows and all the poop and piss in between.

One unique, and to some, controversial aspect of Behar’s work is her emphasis on using cannabis as a viable treatment for postnatal/postpartum depression (PND/PPD) and other pre-and postnatal conditions, due to her own challenges with PPD.

Behar recalls that after giving birth a second time she didn’t feel the overwhelming connection towards her child that is often romanticized in popular culture. In fact, she says she felt nothing as she was leaving the hospital. Once home, she would often cry without reason when breastfeeding and often felt confused, even detached from her baby and other children. It wasn’t until an old friend recommended cannabis to her that she reported she began to feel true love towards her children again.

In Her Own Words

“I am a mother of two, blogger, and counselor. For a while, I’ve been contemplating how I could use my personal and professional skills, along with humor and empathy, in a way that could really help women – especially moms- who may be struggling to move their lives forward in a positive, goal-oriented way. Making positive changes is not easy, and, as women, we get ‘stuck’ and often tend to put our needs last. In fact, as mothers, that tendency frequently becomes status quo. I know all this because it happened to me – I’ve been stuck before and treated myself as last priority. I’ve taken paths that turned out to be wrong and had to change directions. There were times when I supposedly had ‘the perfect life’ on paper but still didn’t feel fulfilled. I’m still a work in progress and change is still scary but I’ve come to realize that it can also be exciting and opens you up to possibilities you never imagined.”

We will be culminating our series with an audience-led Q&A where Dr. Frank will answer your questions about cannabis and health. Stay tuned!

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