How Does Cannabis Affect Sex?

As early as the seventh century cannabis was used as a prelude to spiritual tantric sex rituals in Indian culture, and even today cannabis consumers say that the use of the cannabis plant improves their sex life. So I asked myself, “How does cannabis affect sex?” Well, I checked the data and I’m here to tell you all about it.

Cannabis Users Have More Sex

A 2017 U.S. study examined data among 50,000 participants. Participants were asked about their sexual habits in order to determine whether cannabis use was related to the frequency with which people had sex. The results of the study provided a fairly clear conclusion: those who used cannabis had sex more often than those who did not. This was true for both men and women, in all demographic groups surveyed, and among all people tested. In addition, the study also found that cannabis use is unlikely to impair sexual function.

Women Who Use Cannabis Reach Better Orgasms

Another American study, this time from 2019, highlighted the link between cannabis and orgasms in women. In this study, researchers surveyed 373 women and found that 127 of them who used cannabis before having sex achieved an orgasm in a much higher percentage than those who did not use cannabis.

To break it down even further, cannabis users experienced orgasms at a rate 2.13 times higher than those who did not consume cannabis. Women who used cannabis more frequently reached orgasm at a rate that was 2.10 times higher than those who used it only occasionally. So why does cannabis actually contribute to a good orgasm? (foria)

Cannabis Use Is Associated With Better Sexual Health in Women

Another sex-positive tidbit for women was found in a 2020 study, in which 452 women were surveyed. Women were provided a range of questions that examined the relationship between cannabis use and sexual health. The survey included questions about the desire to have sex, orgasms, arousal, pain and other factors which measure sexual health among women.

It was discovered that women who utilized cannabis, for the most part, replied with higher-esteem answers in regards to sexual wellbeing measurements than individuals who didn’t utilize cannabis, particularly with regards to sexual longing and excitement, climaxes, and general fulfillment with sexual intimacy. By chance, the investigation occurred paying little mind to the kind of cannabis used by the respondents, how it was consumed, or the justification for its utilization.]

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Different examinations likewise support the case that women who consume cannabis have better sexual wellbeing. Accordingly, an investigation conducted in 2017 proposed that cannabis use is related to a higher sexual desire in women.

This study too took a gander at 289 ladies who had utilized cannabis before intercourse, to study how cannabis changed their sexual encounters. 60% of women revealed that cannabis expands their sexual drive, and of the individuals who announced pain or discomfort during intercourse, 77% said cannabis utilization decreased that discomfort. As in past examinations noted here, this investigation additionally found that cannabis use is related to an improved climax.

Cannabis Use May Improve Erectile Disfunction in Men (but further research is needed)

A recent report explored writings and past studies on cannabis and sexual capacity in men and discovered blended outcomes. While a few studies have shown negative consequences for male sexual wellbeing, like difficulty climaxing, others have discovered beneficial outcomes, leading some physicians to infer that cannabis may improve a man’s erectile capacity.

In an intriguing case from 2020, analysts asserted that cannabis was one of the factors that caused a “ceaseless erection” – a marvel that could be perilous if not handled, well, correctly. All things considered, given the moderately modest number of studies inspected and the way that no review was directed among men here, it is critical to say that further exploration ought to be led regarding the matter.

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