Grove Bags Becomes the First Cannabis Packaging Company Recognized at Packaging Innovation Awards

All packaging is not created equally. Five years ago, Grove Bags set out with a mission to develop packaging specifically designed to create the optimal climate for storing cannabis. After our founder, Jack Grover, discovered how repurposed food packaging was ruining flower in medical markets, he knew he had to work to create packaging technology that delivers the optimal experience that medical cannabis patients deserve. Grove Bags efforts were finally recognized on November 10th, when the Cleveland-based company became the first packaging company tailored to the medical cannabis and hemp industries to receive a Packaging Innovation Award presented by Dow.

While the Packaging Innovation Awards is not exactly the Oscars, it is considered to be one of the most prestigious awards in the packaging industry, and it is awarded to innovators in all industry sectors that use packaging. Grove Bags was awarded the distinction of Honorable Mention which marks the first time the awards have recognized a company principally serving the cannabis industry.

It is both a reflection of the growing legitimacy of the medical cannabis and hemp industries, and the highly scientific and technological approach that Grove Bags brings to an industry that has been dominated by commoditized, repurposed food packaging.

Grove Bags is a flexible packaging company uniquely focused on the medical cannabis and hemp industry. Grove Bag’s revolutionary Terploc® film is the first & only solution developed around and powered by the unique properties of the cannabis plant. Terploc® Film actively diffuses unwanted gases & water vapor through its multi-layered film barriers, maintaining optimal humidity & low oxygen levels within the packaging without expelling odor. Grove Bags Terploc® Film also combines anti-static, UV-blocking, & anti-microbial properties to create the ideal cannabis climate for the plant’s curing process & long-term storage significantly enhancing product shelf-life.

Grove Bags CEO, Jack Grover, said, “We are truly thrilled to be recognized for our packaging technology that we created five years ago to better the lives of medical cannabis patients and growers. We are especially thankful for our wonderful supporters in the community that have continued to inspire us to push packaging technology further.”

Grove Bags produces all of their packaging domestically and, as Cleveland natives, the team takes great pride in supporting American manufacturing. “We view it as an obligation and responsibility to our community to manufacture our products here. We have seen the devastation caused by manufacturers going abroad for cheaper production, and we owe it to the people in our community to fight to keep these jobs here,” said Grover.