God’s Gift Strain Review

If you are looking for a special gift from the marijuana goddesses look no further –“God’s Gift” is the strain for you.  In fact, this strain is intoxicatingly good-looking and is one of the most aesthetically pleasing marijuana strains on the market. Part Grandaddy Purple parr OG Kush, this strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is very high in THC  with heavy Indica effects.



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This strain became popular in California dispensaries in 2005 due to its extreme coloring and rainbow appearance. However, God’s Gift also grew in popularity because of its high THC levels providing patients with relief from pain and inflammation. This potent marijuana strain gives a strong “high”, hence, why it also attracts recreational users.


This strain truly is God’s gift. And for those suffering from any type of pain, this is the strain to use to combat it. Many patients have claimed this strain to be very powerful and potent.  People dealing with chronic pain disorders such as fibromyalgia, arthritis or extreme inflammation have found this strain perfect to ease their body pains. However, because of its indica effects, it may just put you right to sleep, thus, making it great for those with sleep disorders.



With high THC levels, God’s Gift has really sedative effects mixed with a couch-locking experience. This strain has unique qualities that are both dreamy and peaceful. These euphoric side effects may set you so far into sleep, you may not notice you passed out. This strain is a bit of a creeper and knocks out even a long-time user. The high will gradually disappear and wear off but it is long lasting and enjoyable.



This strain actually looks so delightful and delicious that you may feel like eating it. This strain may seem like an extremely purple flower, but its also intertwined with light green hairs woven throughout and is literally gleaming white with crystals. These are quite dense in appearance. This strain looks like a rainbow of marijuana leaves that only God can create.



This strain will not let you down in taste. Based on its looks, it seems like a fruit salad blend. In fact, it has an exceptional flavor that patients have raved about. It has a grape and berry taste. In addition, it leaves an aftertaste of woody earth mixed with a sweet citrus flavor. God’s Gift will reward all the taste buds with sweetness.


God’s Gift has an intoxicating smell of berries. This berry smell is based with a hint of grapes that makes the after-smoke light and airy. The dense indica buzz will still give off a potent and earthy smell when unsmoked but once you light it up the grape will show itself through the smoke.



This is a very easy strain to produce and very popular amongst cultivators. This beautiful rainbow colored strain yields moderate sizes in growth with thick dense buds. God’s Gift can be grown outdoors within a warm fall climate. However, the best way to produce the best growth is indoors. When this is done. it will grow roughly 4 feet take up a hydroponic set up.

This strain is easy for beginners but does require some extra attention during vegetation. With proper care, flowering will take 8-9 weeks and create colorful buds covered with white trichomes.

Content: THC: 15-27%, CBD: 0.2-1.4%, CBN: 0.1-0.3%

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